From 05/09/2010 to 06/07/2010


06:07 PM Feature #253 (Closed): Share Virtual Networks among users.
Virtual Networks should have a way to be shared between virtual machines belonging to different users.
The easiest...
Carlos Martín


04:10 PM Bug #245 (Closed): Wrong mapping of CDROM devices
This bug has been solved in one-1.4 and master branches. Ruben S. Montero
11:36 AM Bug #251: Missing on delete rules
Some additions:
h1. Reproduction
I reproduced the problem with the following results:
1. What is the contex...
Gyula Csom
10:33 AM Bug #252 (Closed): OpenNebula shutdown check in 1.4 for KVM is harmful
OpenNebula 1.4 implements the shutdown of KVM machines like this:... Florian Kruse


10:50 PM Bug #251 (Closed): Missing on delete rules
when developing our so called 'pilot' release I've ran into the following problem during the test cycles.
Gyula Csom
05:40 PM Bug #246 (Closed): oned crashes on buggy OCCI network request
Changes in master & one-1.4 branch Ruben S. Montero


06:54 PM Bug #207: Virtual Networks shouldn't be overwritten if a new with same name is created
This has been tackled in branch-206, now merged in master since commit:e86c0f07ebc9d08bfcc4cfc0d334b78bbb4fb88b.
Tino Vázquez


01:50 PM Bug #246 (Closed): oned crashes on buggy OCCI network request
Hi there,
I experienced the following problem: oned crashes when erroneous network request is submitted
Gyula Csom
11:55 AM Bug #245 (Closed): Wrong mapping of CDROM devices
The original description of the problem is from Florian in the mailing list:... Ruben S. Montero


04:10 PM Feature #202: Update OCCI specification
Hi Gyula,
We plan to keep supporting the current OCCI+POX interface. As described in this issue we plan to improve...
Ruben S. Montero


12:10 PM Feature #202: Update OCCI specification
Currently HTTP Header and X/HTML seems to be the only supported OCCI formats (see #243):( Since these formats contrad... Gyula Csom
11:30 AM Feature #202: Update OCCI specification
"does it make sense to have a VNC port open for a VM running in a public Cloud" yes:) It lets users to connec...
Gyula Csom
12:38 AM Request #242: Graceful shutdown of VMs
taking out the IP from the VNet is new thing for me:) To my understanding this could be done by resubmiting th...
Gyula Csom
12:06 AM Request #242: Graceful shutdown of VMs
Then why not taking out the IP you want to keep for that VM from the VNet? However, there are some benefits of...
Ruben S. Montero


01:46 PM Request #243: OCCI XML format?
Followup: I've just sent a semi-formal request for an XML representation to the OCCI working group. See: http://www.o... Gyula Csom


11:24 AM Request #242: Graceful shutdown of VMs
There's a problem related to dynamic IP assignment. In our context we have to support virtual clusters, but the issue... Gyula Csom


04:55 PM Feature #244 (Closed): Network interface statistics for KVM
Currently VMM KVM driver does not retrieve network statistics. Rogier Mars has created a patch to get this informatio... Javi Fontan
12:40 PM Request #242: Graceful shutdown of VMs
Ok, I see the point, thank you:) Gyula Csom
12:27 PM Request #242: Graceful shutdown of VMs
Well, yes you have to "resubmit", i.e. onevm create, but it will use the modified VM images. So onevm create == resta... Ruben S. Montero
11:46 AM Request #242: Graceful shutdown of VMs
thanx for your feedback!
According to our previous tests, we couldn't restart a shutdown VM, just delete it. ...
Gyula Csom
10:59 AM Request #242: Graceful shutdown of VMs
I think OpenNebula already supports this. If you issue a onevm shutdown command the VM will be gracefully shut...
Ruben S. Montero
11:40 AM Request #243 (Closed): OCCI XML format?
I've found an issue that is related to both ONE and the OCCI specification. Currently ONE uses XML as
OCCI rep...
Gyula Csom
11:03 AM Feature #200: Image Repository
Gyula Csom wrote:
> My question are the following. Will the new image repository target end users, eg. exposed thr...
Ruben S. Montero


08:55 AM Request #242 (Closed): Graceful shutdown of VMs
we'd like to support vm shutdowns, eg. let users to gracefully shutdown their machines and later restart them. I...
Gyula Csom


11:51 PM Bug #241 (Closed): econe-server errors are not properly formatted AWS-style XML
Apparently econe-server is returning response-bodies that just contain a string when something goes wrong, rather tha... Claude Noshpitz
09:41 PM Feature #200: Image Repository
In our environment we'd like to let users to upload their SSH keys, customization scripts, etc. generally spea...
Gyula Csom
06:09 PM Bug #240 (Closed): CLI should handle non existing resource IDs
Now it doesn't
? ~ onevm show 12341234
Tino Vázquez


03:02 AM Feature #157: Standalone gem packages
Gem packaging may imply changes in the way the CLIs find their libraries. The ONE_LOCATION env variable does not rea... Claude Noshpitz

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