From 11/27/2016 to 12/26/2016


01:28 PM Feature #4957 (Closed): How to add a new menu item to opennebula menu - opennebula5.0.2
Please suggest how to add a new menu item to link to an external page on opennebula.
If you can point me to code ...
Sarvani Ku


12:43 PM Bug #4956 (Pending): QoS parameters defined in VN not overwriten by defined in VM
Hello, I don't know if is bug or feature, but under my opinion it's logical have some default QoS set in VN and in so... Kristian Feldsam
12:32 PM Request #4955 (Closed): Add libvirt net filter "clean-traffic" to all interfaces by default
Will be good have by default implemented filtering for most bad things guest can do.
According this docs https://l...
Kristian Feldsam


08:41 AM Feature #4952 (New): OpenNebula Daemon lacks IPv6 support
Ruben S. Montero


06:42 PM Feature #2757: Make noVNC proxy work in a federation to access VMs in any zones
To address this issue we may integrate the following patches:
Ruben S. Montero
06:06 PM Bug #4904 (New): "onedb upgrade" and "onedb restore" do not correctly restore database
Ruben S. Montero
05:35 AM Bug #4904: "onedb upgrade" and "onedb restore" do not correctly restore database
This also happens with "onedb import-slave" if the import fails -- both databases are left broken to further attempts... Roy Keene
06:06 PM Bug #4953 (New): Attempting to import an OpenNebula 5.2.0 slave into an OpenNebula 5.2.0 master f...
THANKS for reporting, planing this issue for 5.4 Ruben S. Montero
02:23 PM Bug #4953: Attempting to import an OpenNebula 5.2.0 slave into an OpenNebula 5.2.0 master fails
Using the "cid" column seems like an error since it is not part of the table:
Roy Keene
07:09 AM Bug #4953 (Closed): Attempting to import an OpenNebula 5.2.0 slave into an OpenNebula 5.2.0 maste...
Attempting to import an OpenNebula 5.2.0 slave into an OpenNebula 5.2.0 master fails with error:... Roy Keene
03:39 PM Feature #4954 (Closed): Minor improvements in ec2 drivers
Remove exit -1 in the ec2_driver library
Enforce timeout loops for state changes
OpenNebula Systems Support Team


08:35 PM Feature #4952 (Closed): OpenNebula Daemon lacks IPv6 support
The OpenNebula XML-RPC daemon lacks IPv6 support. Currently you cannot specify a LISTEN_ADDRESS of "::", you will ge... Roy Keene


03:47 PM Bug #4951 (Pending): Reactivate LV's on rebooted hosts
LVs are not activated by default when using fs_lvm. These should be activated only on the host that will run the VM.
Javi Fontan
03:37 PM Bug #4950 (Closed): Change fs_lvm documentation to warn about the need of shared system datastore
Javi Fontan


05:12 PM Bug #4911: Fix several issues in the migration process from 5.0 to 5.2
I ran into an issue upgrading to 5.2.0 with VNC ports, the below patch is what I used to work around the issue. Roy Keene


02:54 PM Feature #4949 (Closed): Limit the number of VXLANs per host
By default VXLAN has a limit of 20 vlans per host. Limit the number of VXLAN used in each host. Javi Fontan


05:32 PM Feature #4948 (New): add "clear search" button next to search box in Sunstone
Ruben S. Montero
05:06 PM Feature #4948 (Closed): add "clear search" button next to search box in Sunstone
After performing an advanced search in Sunstone (such as filtering by host or a status in the vm listing), or clickin... John Noss


06:48 PM Backlog #3237 (Closed): Take snapshots into account for DS space checks and quotas
Done for disk snapshots Ruben S. Montero


03:46 PM Bug #4947 (Pending): Better handling of /etc/libvirt/qemu.conf configuration file
The ... Maciej Delmanowski
02:52 PM Bug #4932: Debian 8 packaging: opennebula-node depends on libvirt-bin (transitional), should be l...
Thanks for the heads up. This will be changed for 5.4. Javi Fontan
09:29 AM Request #4946 (Pending): Enable password strength checking
Is it possible to integrate a configurable password strength check to avoid weak password?
I know "passw...
09:22 AM Request #4945 (Pending): Make log output configurable for all services
By default, oned in configured to output its log to a *@file@* (*@/var/log/one/oned.log@*) but we can confi...


06:38 PM Bug #4824: No package verification nor download integrity on CentOS/RHEL repositories
From now on the new repositories will have both the rpm packages and repository signed. The key is the same as Debian... Javi Fontan


02:51 PM Bug #4944 (Closed): tm/shared/clone: ceph disk clone is failing with shared system ds
This is related to Bug #4924.
I work with a shared system DS (nfs)
I've configured ceph as DS_MAD=ceph and T...
Laurent Grawet
10:58 AM Backlog #2688 (Closed): Network statistics reported by oneacct are not accumulated
In OpenNebula 5.2 NETTX and NETRX are gathered from vCenter's Performance Manager and they are accumulated with previ... Miguel Ángel Álvarez Cabrerizo
09:02 AM Bug #4943 (Closed): Fix NETTX and NETRX negative values, polling time and accumulate values for v...
vCenter's Performance Manager may give negative values if it thinks they're not still valid, these values should be i... Miguel Ángel Álvarez Cabrerizo
08:29 AM Backlog #4759: Extend pricing options
Is there a new target version for this feature?
Why will it not come with 5.4?
Dirk Estenfeld


05:34 PM Bug #4683: Sign out may not close the session
Juan Jose Montiel Cano wrote:
> can you give me more details on the steps you have to perform?
I cannot reproduce...
Jan "Yenya" Kasprzak
05:28 PM Bug #4942 (Closed): Cannot import two vCenter datastores with the same name in different datacenters
The scope of a datastore is a datacenter; the datastore is uniquely named within the datacenter. If two datacenters h... Miguel Ángel Álvarez Cabrerizo
03:04 PM Feature #4941 (Closed): Revisit DS and network relation to cluster in vCenter integration
This includes the VCENTER_CLUSTER tag in DS and StoragePods, and how they are displayed in Sunstone OpenNebula Systems Support Team
10:14 AM Feature #4940 (Closed): Differentiate at import time between regular DS and Storage Pods
In the CLI and Sunstone
For Storage Pods, a suffix should be added in the name.
OpenNebula Systems Support Team

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