From 01/03/2017 to 02/01/2017


02:59 PM Request #4906: VM live capacity resize
This seems to be a duplicate from #3395 Stefan Kooman
11:37 AM Bug #4996: vCenter contextualization volatibility
Reported in both ESX 5.5 and ESX 6 Tino Vázquez
10:21 AM Bug #5004 (Closed): Dialog to edit flow template in sunstone rewrites advanced role parameters
When updating a flow template some of the role advanced parameters are overwritten with the nics selected. Javi Fontan
10:13 AM Bug #5003 (Closed): VMs wrongly reported as ZOMBIES
... Mariano Guezuraga
09:34 AM Feature #5002 (Pending): add vmdk images into VM folders
Currently creating an "empty disk image" placed the image in the root of the datastore.
Can an option be added to al...
Keith Harding


06:24 PM Feature #5001 (Closed): Add warning text to terminate vm dialog in Sunstone
With the addition of there will be a configurable to have all actions on VMs i... John Noss


01:56 PM Feature #5000 (Closed): Attaching a new CDROM ISO should work even though a CDROM is not already ...
In OpenNebula, attaching a new CDROM ISO will add a new (or change the existing) ISO to an already existing CDROM dri... Miguel Ángel Álvarez Cabrerizo
01:54 PM Feature #4999 (Closed): Add support for spaces in names for Clusters, VMDK file names and datastores
Currently OpenNebula doesn't allow spaces in names for:
- Clusters
- VMDK file names
- Datastores
This behavi...
Miguel Ángel Álvarez Cabrerizo
01:52 PM Feature #4998 (Pending): Cloning an imported VM from vCenter will result in a VM that cannot be i...
This is a current limitation. Though the work around is instantiate from templates and import the resulting VMs, inst... Miguel Ángel Álvarez Cabrerizo
01:48 PM Backlog #4997 (Pending): Migrate VM to different ESX clusters
Currently this migrate operation can only be performed from vCenter and it should be added to OpenNebula. Miguel Ángel Álvarez Cabrerizo
10:50 AM Bug #4996 (Closed): vCenter contextualization volatibility
The guestinfo is volatile and can only be added *after* power on. See: Tino Vázquez
08:22 AM Bug #4995 (Closed): one crash
when users other than oneadmin modify vm Info >> Attributes one crash and sunstone stop work ghaleb badawi


08:33 PM Backlog #2030: Disable users
This would be a great feature to have, +1 from me! Also, to confirm, will this revoke any existing sessions (sunstone... John Noss
08:48 AM Bug #4994 (Closed): move /etc/logrotate.d/opennebula to opennebula-common package
In brief: /etc/logrotate.d/opennebula is che...
Anton Todorov


03:53 PM Feature #4393: Resize operation for VM disks
This looks great! Will this also provide the ability to resize persistent images? (Will this make it possible to resi... John Noss
01:35 PM Bug #4993 (Pending): addar allows to create the same AR template several times
I don't know if this is done on purpose, but we found that addar command allows to include the same AR template...
Alvaro Simon


02:10 PM Bug #4992 (Pending): OpenNebula does not take into account VM NIC MAC value
Dear OpenNebula developers
We have found that in the latest ONE version if you ask for a specific MAC and IP in yo...
Alvaro Simon
10:48 AM Feature #4991 (Pending): updatear and should be able to update any AR configura...
It would be very useful to manage the VNETs configuration to be able to update the ARs within a VNET. At this m...
Alvaro Simon
10:44 AM Bug #4989: Open vSwitch: VLAN_ID is not generated automatically when missing
I've just created a PR to include information about AUTOMATIC_VLAN_ID (master and one-5.2) for the "Virtual Netw...
Miguel Ángel Álvarez Cabrerizo


09:38 PM Feature #4917: Improve windows contextualization information
This is already solved for the Windows version of one context addon 5.2.0.
At least the MSI version does not seem to...
Bernhard J. M. Grün
04:04 PM Bug #4990 (Closed): importing network on vcenter with vlan doesn't report the vlan id
Jaime Melis
02:28 PM Bug #4989 (Closed): Open vSwitch: VLAN_ID is not generated automatically when missing
I'm following the "thread on the forum":
10:49 AM Feature #4988 (Pending): Add option to specify NIC MODEL when (hot-)adding a NIC through CLI / API
nic-attach <vmid>
Attaches a NIC to a running VM. When using --file add only one
NIC ...
Stefan Kooman


04:18 PM Request #4987 (Pending): Permit to access all classes from OpenNebula::Client
To manage resources I usually do:...
10:09 AM Feature #4986 (Pending): Make "Download App to OpenNebula" an atomic operation
If a appliance is downloaded to opennebula, the create TEMPLATE and create IMAGE are two seperate operations. If one ... Stefan Kooman
10:09 AM Bug #4985: Snapshots size
Yes, it's a big problem, you cannot control something that can fill the datastore. If you are using LUNs, snapshots c... Adrian Menendez
10:00 AM Bug #4985: Snapshots size
Yup, this would be useful. Users that make a lot of snapshots / changes can consume more space than VIRTUAL DISK SIZE... Stefan Kooman


04:06 PM Request #4976: option to download/update files in the FILES datastore
+1 for this
It is quite hard at the moment to update such files. Also - if the file grows (or shrinks) the shown s...
Bernhard J. M. Grün
10:27 AM Bug #4985 (Closed): Snapshots size
It would be very usefull to include snapshots size on the quotas, actually is occupied space on the datastore. Adrian Menendez


04:56 PM Feature #4823 (Closed): Folder to organize the VMs
When the VM is cloned from the VM template, you can found that VM in vSphere's Web Client, in the same location where... Miguel Ángel Álvarez Cabrerizo
01:04 PM Bug #4984 (Pending): onedb fsck does not detect discrepancy between UID / GID in database for res...
We detected a discrepancy between the UID / GID of a VM TEMPLATE in the XML (body), and the uid / gid columns in the ... Stefan Kooman
12:34 PM Feature #4983 (Pending): Check for conflicting names before image upload process
If a user creates a new IMAGE by uploading a .disk or .iso file, and the IMAGE name is already taken, the process wil... Stefan Kooman
11:18 AM Backlog #4359 (Closed): Integrate chgrp main group in the secondary groups dialog
Tino Vázquez
10:55 AM Bug #4961: Cannot remove SSH information in cloud view from a user
This looks a duplicates of #4936.


11:57 AM Bug #4935: Unable to add SSH public key with Update Configuration
It seems "Update Configuration" doesn't work anymore :(
I need change nic driver of VM to virtio..
I add MOD...
novid Agha Hasani


09:43 PM Bug #4982 (Closed): Sunstone - Update template in master branch adds a ghost DISK section which p...
Using master branch.
A vCenter template is imported from vSphere using Sunstone's Import wizard. This is the templ...
Miguel Ángel Álvarez Cabrerizo
04:45 PM Bug #4960 (Closed): Some fields in settings cannot be disabled
Tino Vázquez
02:31 PM Request #4755 (Closed): Disk resize at runtime
Tino Vázquez
03:18 AM Feature #4981 (Pending): a few small flaws on the command line interface about 'Resize on Instant...
I think I've found a few small flaws about 'Resize on Instantiations' feature on the command line interface.
Gunwoo Gim


10:47 PM Request #4980 (Pending): create cli flags for install_gems
Would it be possible to create flags to set the OS and make the script non-interactive? This would make it ea...
Rogier Mars
10:17 PM Bug #4979 (Pending): nokogiri version incompatible with ruby 2.0.0 centos7
When running the install_gems script on CentOS7, nokogiri causes the script to fail because it is not compatible with... Rogier Mars
12:00 PM Feature #4973: onecalculate gui (user) access
We evaluated this and reached the conclusion that triggering the compute on behalf of a user is dangerous in the sens... OpenNebula Systems Support Team
10:19 AM Bug #4978 (Closed): Ordering in Market Apps registration time is done alphabetically
It should understand and order dates.
"23:10:34 30/09/2014" is newer than "22:33:49 11/02/2015"
Javi Fontan
10:10 AM Feature #4977 (Closed): When a MarketplaceApp is removed from the MarketPlace, it should be remov...
This will also deal with the problem that a few appliances have been duplicated as the name was changed in the metadata. Jaime Melis


04:54 PM Request #4976 (Pending): option to download/update files in the FILES datastore
When I want to update a script file in FILES I am searching the hashes in FILES datastore to find the needed file, th... Anton Todorov
04:42 PM Backlog #4880: Allow third party components to modify deployment file or configuration
Also, the previously proposed scheme should be implemented for the attach actions too - option to alter the XML that ... Anton Todorov
04:31 PM Backlog #4880: Allow third party components to modify deployment file or configuration
+1 from me too.
I am thinking of an extra step that is called on the FE just before the deploy action on the Host....
Anton Todorov
03:50 PM Bug #4975 (Pending): honor DISPOSE=YES in market_mad/remotes/http/import
I've implemented the marked_mad scripts for our storage but there are snapshots left on the storage because th...
Anton Todorov
11:38 AM Bug #4974 (Closed): install_gems fails in Ubuntu 14.04
Some dependencies are not met:
* g++
* libmysqlclient-dev
* libsqlite3-dev
Javi Fontan


07:19 PM Feature #4973 (Pending): onecalculate gui (user) access
I think it would be nice to give the user the option to calculate the current costs of his vms by himself. ...
Thomas Stein
03:02 PM Bug #4972 (Closed): VMM driver thread crashes when failure info is not available
When @failure_info@ is nil the thread executing the action crashes and the state never changes. OpenNebula Systems Support Team
03:00 PM Bug #4971 (Closed): EC2 drivers do not correctly wait for VM creation
@instance.exists?@ should be used instead of checking the state. OpenNebula Systems Support Team
10:00 AM Bug #4970 (Closed): Template UID in body and table column differ
From IRC:... Javi Fontan


11:33 PM Bug #4969: Ceph driver for system datastore ignores SHARED=YES
My pull request:
kvaps kvaps
11:08 PM Bug #4969 (Closed): Ceph driver for system datastore ignores SHARED=YES
If you use ceph as system datastore and if your /var/lib/one is shared between your nodes.
Then `premigrate`, `postm...
kvaps kvaps
06:19 PM Bug #4968 (Pending): Signal timeouts in EC2 driver
EC2 cloud bursting driver waits a configurable amount of time for actions to complete but do not signal timeouts.
OpenNebula Systems Support Team
04:09 PM Feature #3224: Authorize user/group to create restricted networks
I would also benefit from that feature.
A perfect addition to this would be the possibility to use VXLAN (IDs) ins...
Bernhard J. M. Grün


10:49 AM Feature #4008: option to unprotect the delete action on disk snapshots
+1 for this from my side too.
I am using Ceph at the moment - but I plan to test drive other datastores too in the...
Bernhard J. M. Grün
10:44 AM Feature #4885: Ceph Snapshots cannot be deleted
it seems this feature request is somehow linked to that feature request #4008.
I would really like to see ...
Bernhard J. M. Grün


06:29 PM Bug #4967 (Closed): Warn user (or throw error) when VNET does not exist when instantiating
If a VM template gets instantiated with references to non-existing VNETS (because they haven been renamed or deleted)... Stefan Kooman
05:45 PM Backlog #3210: Extend quota subsystem
I would like to add the following to the list of quota's:
NETTX / per time period
NETRX / per time period
Per ...
Stefan Kooman
03:04 PM Request #3498: Restrict RAW content
VM_RESTRICTED_ATTR = "RAW" is not enabled by default in oned.conf, and not even listed there. I would strongly opt to... Stefan Kooman
10:04 AM Request #4966 (Closed): Support for migration of VM between vCenter Clusters
Datastore migration is a plus. OpenNebula Systems Support Team


11:44 AM Bug #4964 (Closed): Attach a nic without selecting one make oned crash
I prefer noise to bugs ;)
Ruben S. Montero


12:48 PM Bug #4964: Attach a nic without selecting one make oned crash
Ruben S. Montero wrote:
> Sorry, I cannot reproduce this one in 5.2. I get:
> [...]
> Empty attach request...
11:54 AM Bug #4964: Attach a nic without selecting one make oned crash
Sorry, I cannot reproduce this one in 5.2. I get:... Ruben S. Montero

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