From 01/19/2017 to 02/17/2017


05:41 PM Backlog #5031 (Pending): username login case insensitive
For instance, cloudadmin and CloudAdmin should be the same username instead of two different ones. OpenNebula Systems Support Team
05:29 PM Backlog #5030 (Pending): VM Instantiate as Persistent - allow disk size change
Hello, should be fine to able resize disk also when instantiating VM as persistent. Thank you. Kristian Feldsam
09:59 AM Bug #5029 (New): PUBLIC_CLOUD variables do not accept ,
Values with @,@ character and variables break the parser:... OpenNebula Systems Support Team


05:59 PM Feature #4913: Enhance vCenter Storage management
Account for space of system datastore snapshots. Currently they do not count against the quotas. OpenNebula Systems Support Team
03:30 PM Request #5028 (Pending): Give the user an indication that a TEMPLATE with a USED PERSISTENT disk ...
A very end user just told me that *@TEMPLATE@* is illogic for something that can not be instantiated more t...
03:30 PM Feature #5027 (Closed): Add support for non SLAAC IPv6 address ranges
Ruben S. Montero
09:11 AM Request #5026 (Closed): Clone VM
The save as functionallity that is going to be available for vCenter on the next release needs to destroy the origina... Adrian Menendez


04:05 PM Request #5025 (Pending): EyeOS spice web client as spice client in Suntone
Hi, I've discovered this spice web client that has less errors than spice-html5. It works as spice-html5, with a webs... Xavier Peralta
12:01 PM Bug #5024 (Closed): Recover succcess for snapshots should keep snapshot
Now it removes the snapshot even if has been successfully created. OpenNebula Systems Support Team


06:26 PM Request #5023 (Pending): Virtual Routers Configuration Enhancements
Hello, I did som eupdates in aplpine context scripts to support loadbalanacing, email notifications etc.. and I like ... Kristian Feldsam
06:21 PM Bug #5022 (Closed): Group Admin should have MANAGE permissions over groups
This bug solution is twofold:
* Change chgroup permission requirement from USE to MANAGE
* Add ACL for Group ...
OpenNebula Systems Support Team
05:54 PM Bug #5021: The core should ignore duplicated monitoring data
fsck should be updated to fix VMs affected by this bug OpenNebula Systems Support Team
05:49 PM Bug #5021 (Closed): The core should ignore duplicated monitoring data
There are some corner cases where the monitoring probes can send twice the monitoring information of a VM. When this ... OpenNebula Systems Support Team
02:26 PM Feature #5020 (Closed): explain in the ceph documentation page how to configure the system datastore
Jaime Melis


02:03 PM Bug #4824 (Closed): No package verification nor download integrity on CentOS/RHEL repositories
Change in documentation merged by Javi, closing.
Thank you.
Vlastimil Holer


04:11 PM Backlog #5019 (Pending): Editing ACLs on-the-fly in Sunstone for vOneCloud
As requested in:
Miguel Ángel Álvarez Cabrerizo


09:33 PM Bug #5018: Opennebula-sunstone does not upload images via web-interface.
Forgot to add, that after this error image is removed from temporary storage. kvaps kvaps
09:29 PM Bug #5018 (Closed): Opennebula-sunstone does not upload images via web-interface.
Hello I have two different installations of OpenNebula 5.2 with sunstone, and both have uploading images is not work ... kvaps kvaps
05:40 PM Bug #5017 (Closed): IPv6 security groups do not work for specific networks
When a port and a network is specified IPv6 security groups do not add the rules. Javi Fontan
04:16 PM Request #5016 (Pending): Allow the creation of Virtual Networks without addresses
I have some networks that I need to add to Open Nebula. These networks have IP assigned with external services. I wou... Randall Smith
02:36 PM Bug #4994 (Closed): move /etc/logrotate.d/opennebula to opennebula-common package
Closing, PR merged. Vlastimil Holer
11:41 AM Feature #5015: Add SCHEDULED ACTIONS to VM Templates
As a bonus, add cron like expressions OpenNebula Systems Support Team
11:37 AM Feature #5015 (Closed): Add SCHEDULED ACTIONS to VM Templates
Currently, only VMs are subject to have SCHEDULED ACTIONS, inheriting those from the VM Template adds flexibility. OpenNebula Systems Support Team
11:25 AM Bug #5011: Erroneous monitoring values for EC2 machines
Also the driver takes a lot of time to gather monitoring info from cloudwatch. Another method to get info in bulk fro... Javi Fontan


03:57 PM Bug #5014 (Closed): When a group admin is removed from the group (via a chgrp api call) the admin...
Ruben S. Montero
03:24 PM Bug #4824: No package verification nor download integrity on CentOS/RHEL repositories
I have prepared the change of the documentation so that
* https is used for (apt/yum) repositories and
* gpgcheck=...
Vlastimil Holer
02:56 PM Bug #4969: Ceph driver for system datastore ignores SHARED=YES
thanks for the ticket! we'll review it and study it as soon as possible Jaime Melis


06:20 PM Bug #5013 (Closed): Streamline linked clone import options
Only show them if user want linked clone functionality Tino Vázquez
03:31 PM Bug #5012 (Closed): EC2 memory monitoring value is always 0
It should be change to the allocated memory of the VM. Javi Fontan
03:30 PM Bug #5011 (Closed): Erroneous monitoring values for EC2 machines
The cached values between each cloudwatch call are incorrectly accessed. Javi Fontan


03:20 PM Bug #5010: network traffic leaks during VM live-migration when using openvswitch driver
One possible way to fix this would be to apply the tagging of the vnets in the XML that gets used by libvirt (virsh),... Stefan Kooman
03:10 PM Bug #5010 (Pending): network traffic leaks during VM live-migration when using openvswitch driver
OpenNebula handles the tagging of network adapters of virtual machines. This tagging is done through the drivers. Dep... Stefan Kooman


03:12 PM Feature #5009 (Closed): Verify with two fields user inputs of type password
To avoid mistakes, since password is hidden when users types it. Tino Vázquez
02:19 PM Bug #5008 (New): VM Costs- Memory
Tino Vázquez


07:26 PM Bug #5008 (Closed): VM Costs- Memory
using vonecloud 2.2.
There seems to be bug with regards to calculation of VM cost when selection for memory is set a...
maz parmar


03:56 PM Bug #4992: OpenNebula does not take into account VM NIC MAC value
yes I agree on that, OpenNebula should use some kind of matchmaking algorithm to detect the requested AR features fro... Alvaro Simon
01:34 PM Feature #5007 (Pending): global parameters for all the vms in a service
OpenNebula Systems Support Team
01:33 PM Feature #5006 (Pending): Ability to change scability rules on deployed services
OpenNebula Systems Support Team


05:04 PM Bug #4992: OpenNebula does not take into account VM NIC MAC value
To add a note on this -- we have also run into this issue; what we do as a workaround is just hold the IP on the AR t... John Noss
04:30 PM Feature #5005 (Closed): Add the UID of the user that perform an action on a VM to the associated ...
Ruben S. Montero
09:20 AM Bug #4994: move /etc/logrotate.d/opennebula to opennebula-common package
1. I have fixed the packaging and moved logrotate configuration into common package. Previously, the package purpose ... Vlastimil Holer


02:59 PM Request #4906: VM live capacity resize
This seems to be a duplicate from #3395 Stefan Kooman
11:37 AM Bug #4996: vCenter contextualization volatibility
Reported in both ESX 5.5 and ESX 6 Tino Vázquez
10:21 AM Bug #5004 (Closed): Dialog to edit flow template in sunstone rewrites advanced role parameters
When updating a flow template some of the role advanced parameters are overwritten with the nics selected. Javi Fontan
10:13 AM Bug #5003 (Closed): VMs wrongly reported as ZOMBIES
... Mariano Guezuraga
09:34 AM Feature #5002 (Pending): add vmdk images into VM folders
Currently creating an "empty disk image" placed the image in the root of the datastore.
Can an option be added to al...
Keith Harding


06:24 PM Feature #5001 (Closed): Add warning text to terminate vm dialog in Sunstone
With the addition of there will be a configurable to have all actions on VMs i... John Noss


01:56 PM Feature #5000 (Closed): Attaching a new CDROM ISO should work even though a CDROM is not already ...
In OpenNebula, attaching a new CDROM ISO will add a new (or change the existing) ISO to an already existing CDROM dri... Miguel Ángel Álvarez Cabrerizo
01:54 PM Feature #4999 (Closed): Add support for spaces in names for Clusters, VMDK file names and datastores
Currently OpenNebula doesn't allow spaces in names for:
- Clusters
- VMDK file names
- Datastores
This behavi...
Miguel Ángel Álvarez Cabrerizo
01:52 PM Feature #4998 (Pending): Cloning an imported VM from vCenter will result in a VM that cannot be i...
This is a current limitation. Though the work around is instantiate from templates and import the resulting VMs, inst... Miguel Ángel Álvarez Cabrerizo
01:48 PM Backlog #4997 (Pending): Migrate VM to different ESX clusters
Currently this migrate operation can only be performed from vCenter and it should be added to OpenNebula. Miguel Ángel Álvarez Cabrerizo
10:50 AM Bug #4996 (Closed): vCenter contextualization volatibility
The guestinfo is volatile and can only be added *after* power on. See: Tino Vázquez
08:22 AM Bug #4995 (Closed): one crash
when users other than oneadmin modify vm Info >> Attributes one crash and sunstone stop work ghaleb badawi


08:33 PM Backlog #2030: Disable users
This would be a great feature to have, +1 from me! Also, to confirm, will this revoke any existing sessions (sunstone... John Noss
08:48 AM Bug #4994 (Closed): move /etc/logrotate.d/opennebula to opennebula-common package
In brief: /etc/logrotate.d/opennebula is che...
Anton Todorov


03:53 PM Feature #4393: Resize operation for VM disks
This looks great! Will this also provide the ability to resize persistent images? (Will this make it possible to resi... John Noss
01:35 PM Bug #4993 (Pending): addar allows to create the same AR template several times
I don't know if this is done on purpose, but we found that addar command allows to include the same AR template...
Alvaro Simon


02:10 PM Bug #4992 (Pending): OpenNebula does not take into account VM NIC MAC value
Dear OpenNebula developers
We have found that in the latest ONE version if you ask for a specific MAC and IP in yo...
Alvaro Simon
10:48 AM Feature #4991 (Pending): updatear and should be able to update any AR configura...
It would be very useful to manage the VNETs configuration to be able to update the ARs within a VNET. At this m...
Alvaro Simon
10:44 AM Bug #4989: Open vSwitch: VLAN_ID is not generated automatically when missing
I've just created a PR to include information about AUTOMATIC_VLAN_ID (master and one-5.2) for the "Virtual Netw...
Miguel Ángel Álvarez Cabrerizo


09:38 PM Feature #4917: Improve windows contextualization information
This is already solved for the Windows version of one context addon 5.2.0.
At least the MSI version does not seem to...
Bernhard J. M. Grün
04:04 PM Bug #4990 (Closed): importing network on vcenter with vlan doesn't report the vlan id
Jaime Melis
02:28 PM Bug #4989 (Closed): Open vSwitch: VLAN_ID is not generated automatically when missing
I'm following the "thread on the forum":
10:49 AM Feature #4988 (Pending): Add option to specify NIC MODEL when (hot-)adding a NIC through CLI / API
nic-attach <vmid>
Attaches a NIC to a running VM. When using --file add only one
NIC ...
Stefan Kooman

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