From 02/15/2017 to 03/16/2017


04:20 PM Backlog #5064 (Pending): When adding a new IPv4 range in a vnet, it should be checked the IP spac...

when a new IPv4 range is added to a subnet, it's not checked the IPs in the range are not already in the vne...
Andrés Pozo Muñoz
11:34 AM Backlog #3871: UUID for disk attach
The target given to libvirt is a hint to the OS but it's not forced to use that specific naming. That problem is caus... Javi Fontan
10:37 AM Bug #4944: tm/shared/clone: ceph disk clone is failing with shared system ds
Fixed with
Laurent Grawet
08:15 AM Bug #5063 (Closed): Snapshots of non-persistent images are not deleted on VM termination
snapshots of non-persistent images are not deleted from disk on VM termination. As additionally they are no...
Christoph Pleger


03:26 PM Request #5062 (Closed): Instantiate a VM should permit to change the network when user has no USE...
A user who has USE on all the VM resources except the network should be able to modify it and instantiate t...


02:16 PM Feature #5061 (New): Option to override TM_MAD's SHARED=[YES/NO] per datastore
I am in a refactoring cycle for our addon and I am currently stuck at this situation:
The IMAGE_DS has TM_M...
Anton Todorov
11:48 AM Bug #5060 (Closed): oneflow should not store all log information as a document
Ideally, only store last 100 entries, divert the rest to a log file if configured to do so. OpenNebula Systems Support Team


07:52 PM Bug #5059 (Closed): EC2 public IPs not displayed correctly
The following fixes the CLI
*** virtual_machine.rb.20170311 2017-03-11 19:33:08.378891782 +0000
--- virtual_mach...
OpenNebula Systems Support Team
06:19 PM Bug #5056: EC2 elastic ip functionality broken
Also, review monitor output to be able to pass a VM in BOOT to RUNNING OpenNebula Systems Support Team
03:42 PM Feature #4159: [PATCH] Security Groups do not support IPv6
There was an issue with the default network discovery rules for IPv6, each side needs to be able to send and receive ... Roy Keene


09:43 PM Feature #5058 (Closed): Option to preset persistence attribute for images
This issue is to help provisioning portals so images (new, clones, saveas) have a predefined persistence attribute. T... Ruben S. Montero
08:53 PM Bug #5057 (Pending): VM USER_TEMPLATE messed up
Not sure is this bug or feature, but it is sort of confusing so I am classifying it as bug.
How to reproduc...
Anton Todorov


05:50 PM Bug #5056: EC2 elastic ip functionality broken
Rollback in case of failure also needs to be developed OpenNebula Systems Support Team
01:36 PM Bug #5056 (Closed): EC2 elastic ip functionality broken
Due to the version change in the aws ruby gem OpenNebula Systems Support Team


03:51 PM Backlog #5055 (Pending): Updateconf Graphics should generate a port if not specified.
OpenNebula Systems Support Team
10:18 AM Feature #5054 (Closed): In the Cloud View dashboard, own VMs and other VMs should be shown
Currently only VMs that belong to the user are taken into account for the dashboard. However, the dashboard should al... OpenNebula Systems Support Team
07:50 AM Backlog #5053 (Pending): Differentiate created templates on vCenter
When create a template making a vm persistent, add an attribute to know if has alredy been created on vCenter (vm has... Adrian Menendez


03:09 PM Feature #5052 (Closed): VM create disable Juan Jose Montiel Cano
02:08 PM Bug #3876: Poweroff + Delete leaves VM defined in vCenter
It looks like this bug still exists in 5.2.1.
If we do a "terminate" action after "power off" the VM disappears fr...
Sebastiaan Smit
11:42 AM Bug #5051 (Closed): Remove references to shutdown in Services dialogs and tabs
Sunstone: Move to terminate
CLI: Rename from shutdown
OpenNebula Systems Support Team


11:15 AM Feature #5050 (Pending): Per datastore storage cost
Ability to assign a storage cost based on the datastore(s) the VM's storage is deployed. Michal Strnad


08:15 PM Feature #4160: [PATCH] Allow user to specify CPU model
Updated to OpenNebula 5.2.1 and using a better libvirt domain option of "<cpu>" rather than QEMU args. Roy Keene
07:03 PM Feature #4162: Sanitize XML Documents
I just checked on OpenNebula 5.2.1 there's an escape_xml() and escape_xml_attr(), but they don't actually escape any ... Roy Keene
05:52 PM Backlog #5049 (Pending): Increase size of quota values to prevent overflows
Ruben S. Montero


03:24 PM Bug #5044: Description text need to be modified
Ah!, sorry, you are right, now i understood, this Bug most be closed now, Thank you EOLE Team. Hassan DRAGA
07:58 AM Bug #5044: Description text need to be modified
Hassan DRAGA wrote:
> Hello,
> Nothing big!, its just a text most be modified because showing of ( %i ) variabl...
11:08 AM Feature #5048 (Closed): When importing resources in vCenter, they should be assigned to the OpenN...
Currently all the resources are always created in OpenNebula Cluster 0. OpenNebula Systems Support Team


10:29 AM Bug #5047 (Closed): Syslog is missing daemon name.
Because of a wrong reference to the ident string. Ruben S. Montero


04:08 PM Bug #5046 (Closed): vCenter VMM poll returns escaped quotes
OpenNebula Systems Support Team
03:33 PM Bug #5046 (Closed): vCenter VMM poll returns escaped quotes
The method @VCenterDriver::VCenterVm#info@ is used for both IM monitoring and VMM monitoring. The output contains esc... OpenNebula Systems Support Team
10:52 AM Bug #5045 (Closed): snapshot in vCenter fails when snapshot takes too long
Needs to change the wait_for_completion function in the rbvmomi OpenNebula Systems Support Team


08:12 PM Bug #5044 (Closed): Description text need to be modified
Nothing big!, its just a text most be modified because showing of ( %i ) variable instead of there value.
Hassan DRAGA
05:53 PM Feature #5043 (New): Makes Sustone LABEL persistent per pool
OpenNebula Systems Support Team
05:53 PM Feature #5043 (Closed): Makes Sustone LABEL persistent per pool
Currently, if a LABEL is not present in any pool element, it is not persisted and hence not shown in the interface OpenNebula Systems Support Team
05:52 PM Bug #5042 (Closed): Advanced Wizard mangles resource template
At least in VM Template update, it skips attributes it doesn't know about. OpenNebula Systems Support Team


03:07 AM Bug #4995: one crash
I have the same problem.
Login into cloud view > vm > Info tab > edit 1 attributes and enter and I got "end of fil...
Vy Nguyen Tan


06:22 PM Bug #5041: VM Template vCPU and RAM limits are not honored
Cherry picked in master: a94e9d0a03b9db1e8dffb740c54a2cf23121e604 OpenNebula Systems Support Team
06:22 PM Bug #5041: VM Template vCPU and RAM limits are not honored
Fixed in commit 5e4cb410119d97d94092e0741d55235808987fe6 OpenNebula Systems Support Team
06:16 PM Bug #5041 (Closed): VM Template vCPU and RAM limits are not honored
OpenNebula Systems Support Team
03:41 PM Bug #5041 (Closed): VM Template vCPU and RAM limits are not honored
Users can input higher values in the instantiation dialog OpenNebula Systems Support Team
11:20 AM Bug #5040 (Closed): Missing ISCSI variables in KVM driver
More details here: Ruben S. Montero


05:49 PM Bug #4609 (Closed): vCenter drivers does not disconect sessions
Closed as this issue is a duplicate of B #5034. Miguel Ángel Álvarez Cabrerizo
05:48 PM Bug #5034: vCenter sessions are left open
This issue is a duplicate of: Bug #4609 Miguel Ángel Álvarez Cabrerizo


05:46 PM Backlog #5039 (Pending): Support for theming in Sunstone
Choose the font, colors, etc. OpenNebula Systems Support Team
04:42 PM Bug #4912 (Closed): DISK is not removed from vCenter when detach is done in POWEROFF state
A fix has been submitted to one-5.2 branch (commit 39b6ca8ebff3424b27917cd19fd78bd76130c63e).
Disk images in the ...
Miguel Ángel Álvarez Cabrerizo


04:06 PM Bug #4969: Ceph driver for system datastore ignores SHARED=YES
I was bitten by this as well. I applied patch from @kvaps and that works well. Thanks! Stefan Kooman
08:58 AM Bug #5038 (Closed): document LIVE_DISK_SNAPSHOTS (vmm_execrc)
Following this thread
Anton Todorov


05:57 PM Backlog #5037 (Pending): When instantiating a VM, show only datastores that can be accesible to u...
This has been discussed here: Miguel Ángel Álvarez Cabrerizo
05:46 PM Backlog #5036 (Pending): Add option to create snapshots without memory dumps in vCenter
Currently, VM snapshots performed using the CreateSnapshot_Task has the memory option set to true which dumps the mem... Miguel Ángel Álvarez Cabrerizo
03:04 PM Request #5025: EyeOS spice web client as spice client in Suntone
It could be great to have a good graphical console.
12:18 PM Bug #5035 (Closed): qcow2 snapshot should specify backing_fmt=qcow2 for apparmor to work properly
When using apparmor with kvm libvirt traverse all backing files with known format to create dynamic apparmor profile.... Rolandas Naujikas
11:23 AM Bug #5034: vCenter sessions are left open
To avoid the proliferation of Idle sessions, an explicit close connection has been added to several vCenter actions (... Miguel Ángel Álvarez Cabrerizo
11:01 AM Bug #5034 (Closed): vCenter sessions are left open
The vCenter driver does not close the sessions and, hence, they are left open for the default 30 minutes timeout. OpenNebula Systems Support Team


08:04 AM Backlog #5033 (Pending): Limit system disk size on cloud view
By default system disk limit in range from system image size to 500GB + system image size. I think it'd be ...
Vy Nguyen Tan


03:18 AM Bug #5032 (Closed): Datastores with TARGET = SELF (e.g. Ceph) needs to properly account image DS ...
I'm using OpenNebula 5.2.1, CentOS 7.3, Ceph datastore. I found a bug that user can create a VM with overdi...
Vy Nguyen Tan


05:41 PM Backlog #5031 (Pending): username login case insensitive
For instance, cloudadmin and CloudAdmin should be the same username instead of two different ones. OpenNebula Systems Support Team
05:29 PM Backlog #5030 (Pending): VM Instantiate as Persistent - allow disk size change
Hello, should be fine to able resize disk also when instantiating VM as persistent. Thank you. Kristian Feldsam
09:59 AM Bug #5029 (New): PUBLIC_CLOUD variables do not accept ,
Values with @,@ character and variables break the parser:... OpenNebula Systems Support Team


05:59 PM Feature #4913: Enhance vCenter Storage management
Account for space of system datastore snapshots. Currently they do not count against the quotas. OpenNebula Systems Support Team
03:30 PM Request #5028 (Pending): Give the user an indication that a TEMPLATE with a USED PERSISTENT disk ...
A very end user just told me that *@TEMPLATE@* is illogic for something that can not be instantiated more t...
03:30 PM Feature #5027 (Closed): Add support for non SLAAC IPv6 address ranges
Ruben S. Montero
09:11 AM Request #5026 (Closed): Clone VM
The save as functionallity that is going to be available for vCenter on the next release needs to destroy the origina... Adrian Menendez


04:05 PM Request #5025 (Pending): EyeOS spice web client as spice client in Suntone
Hi, I've discovered this spice web client that has less errors than spice-html5. It works as spice-html5, with a webs... Xavier Peralta
12:01 PM Bug #5024 (Closed): Recover succcess for snapshots should keep snapshot
Now it removes the snapshot even if has been successfully created. OpenNebula Systems Support Team

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