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61120649 07/12/2011 02:14 PM Carlos Martín

MULTIPLE GROUPS: Finish removing the multiple groups functionality from ruby and java OCA, see 66485c6e

727a77ea 07/08/2011 05:18 PM Carlos Martín

Java OCA: Fix methods, there are new mandatory parameters in the xml-rpc calls.
Change the default filter flag from user 0 to MINE_GROUP.

7fb8b590 07/08/2011 01:18 PM Carlos Martín

Java OCA: New RuleParseException for ACL rule allocation

b8491fb5 07/08/2011 01:17 PM Carlos Martín

Bug #572: Java OCA, better choice of Exceptions. Thanks to Gian Uberto Lauri <>

ec48ba70 07/07/2011 05:22 PM Carlos Martín

Java OCA: New ACL classes, and tests. TODO: Create a new Exception for rule parsing errors

7b19d4a8 07/07/2011 05:21 PM Carlos Martín

Java OCA: Some formatting, and a couple of new helper methods for OneResponse and Pool

e0a6ca1c 06/09/2011 04:03 PM Carlos Martín

Feature #662, #607: Add host update method to ruby and Java OCA

dba0e8c1 06/09/2011 03:16 PM Carlos Martín

Feature #407, #662: Change one.user.chown method name to .chgrp

c48db468 06/09/2011 03:09 PM Carlos Martín

Java OCA: bug in PoolElement uid() and gid() methods

099b7485 06/09/2011 03:08 PM Carlos Martín

Feature #407, #662: Groups don't have owner

f1331453 06/08/2011 02:17 PM Carlos Martín

Feature #607, #662: Java OCA, change 'update' method for Image and Template, delete 'rmatt'

057d2e11 06/06/2011 04:00 PM Carlos Martín


48e7a8cd 04/11/2011 02:35 PM Carlos Martín

Feature #487: Java API: Helpers to allocate VMs from registered Templates

f49a206a 04/11/2011 02:30 PM Carlos Martín

Merge branch 'feature-523' into feature-487


92a74bd8 04/11/2011 02:20 PM Carlos Martín

Feature #523: Small oned.conf fix, Add ImageID to one.vm.savedisk XML-RPC method, and Update Java API Image management and tests

0b357fbf 04/06/2011 04:07 PM Carlos Martín

Feature #487: Java OCA methods for TemplatePool, and tests

49802559 02/25/2011 01:34 PM Jaime Melis

Update copyright year to 2011

cde9648e 02/03/2011 04:08 PM Ruben S. Montero

Merge branch 'feature-474'

9658db39 02/03/2011 12:24 PM Carlos Martín

Feature #474: Small change to make Java OCA consistent as a wrapper for the XML-RPC API

2d246ee0 02/02/2011 03:46 PM Carlos Martín

Feature #474: Add/remove leases feature for Java OCA

a381a5c7 01/19/2011 05:52 PM Carlos Martín

Features #457 & #455: Resubmit action for VMs added to Java API

098c1dc9 12/31/2010 04:00 PM Ruben S. Montero

feature #457: Rename DELETE state to CLEANUP

a0146fcc 11/30/2010 04:32 PM Carlos Martín

Bug #416: Java OCA VirtualMachine.savedisk fixed thanks to Takeo Ohno.

a1cc390c 10/15/2010 04:57 PM Carlos Martín

Java API: User ENABLED element is now defined as 0 / 1 instead of True / False

7c6bb943 10/15/2010 03:30 PM Carlos Martín

Java API method changed back to use XML-RPC again.

8eb9cdc6 10/15/2010 11:20 AM Carlos Martín

Java API update for 2.0 release.

15a627f4 03/24/2010 06:00 PM Javi Fontan

feature #198: Removed some unused directories

0c7524b3 03/23/2010 09:20 PM Carlos Martín

[PATCH] Some updates to the Java Cloud API

f9b54289 03/22/2010 10:16 PM Carlos Martín

feature #198: Classes for the VirtualMachine and VirtualMachine Pool

4bdba898 03/22/2010 10:13 PM Carlos Martín

feature #198: Classes for the Virtual Networks

0e3c7311 03/22/2010 10:09 PM Carlos Martín

feature #198: Classes to deal with the Hosts and the Host Pool

ffc71b6f 03/20/2010 09:42 PM Carlos Martín

feature #198: User related classes for the OCA-JAVA Bindings

c86f2d04 03/19/2010 11:49 PM Carlos Martín

feature #198: Base Classes for the OCA API - JAVA Bindings