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Added by Carlos Martín over 9 years ago

Feature #407: Add 'GID' attribute to some pool objects; change *pool.info XML-RPC flag meaning; update onedb migrator; fix tests.

  • VM, VMTEMPLATE, VNET & IMAGE objects have a GID attribute, and a table column. The group id is inherited from the user creating the object, except for VMs created from Templates, that inherit the Template's group.
  • The new flag meaning has been modified in src/rm sources and CLI commands for one.(vm,template,vnet,image)pool.info . It changes from
    -2 all, -1 mine & public, >=0 UID
    -3 mine, -2 all, -1 mine & group
  • USER has a group, but not secondary ones. The user_pool table doesn't have a GID column, we'll deal with it later when the group-users relations are implemented.
  • onedb migrator 1.rb: deleted USERNAME, and GID added.


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