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install_gems 10 KB df6b93e6 over 8 years Carlos Martín Feature #1279: Remove the old oneacctd stuff

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df6b93e6 05/21/2012 03:56 PM Carlos Martín

Feature #1279: Remove the old oneacctd stuff

1216fade 05/04/2012 03:44 PM Javi Fontan

feature #1262: manual distro selection if it cannot be detected

739db45a 04/09/2012 02:45 PM Javi Fontan

Added make and gcc as json gem dependencies
(cherry picked from commit 8409fbc11bd30811230cb40814819183421eabb6)

6e718906 02/13/2012 02:58 PM Javi Fontan

bug #1094: take out uneeded xmlparser requirement

e7dc480f 01/24/2012 09:34 PM Ruben S. Montero

bug: Fix wrong method name in install_gems as reported by in the mailing list

2efeb276 01/13/2012 01:34 PM Javi Fontan

added json gem to cloud group in install_gems

16a1b24b 12/23/2011 04:15 PM Javi Fontan

feature #914: update rubygems if version older than 1.3.6

b5ab3059 12/12/2011 05:43 PM Javi Fontan

add special cases to install_gems check functionality

8cbc0aea 12/12/2011 01:23 PM Javi Fontan

fix deployment for new versions of xen

1da7f8be 12/08/2011 09:49 PM Javi Fontan

add net-ldap to install_gems, needed by ldap auth

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