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Added by Javi Fontan over 10 years ago

New probes and ganglia readers (from branch feature-446)

Feature #244: Network interface statistics for KVM
Feature #446: Probe to get monitoring info from ganglia
Feature #472: Get cpu consumption from KVM VMs

poll_xen_kvm.rb - This new probe gets information from XEN and KVM vms.
If it is called with the name of a VM then its monitoring information
is written in standard poll probe way. If called without parameters
a base64-encoded yaml-representation of a hash containing the information
about all the VMs running in the host is returned.

poll_ganglia.rb - This probe gets information from ganglia pushed by gmetric.
Consumes the information generated by poll_xen_kvm.rb

ganglia_probe - Gets host monitoring information from ganglia. It pushes all
metrics that start by OPENNEBULA_

Ganglia.rb - library that holds ganglia reading code


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