Matthias Schmitz

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09:57 PM OpenNebula Revision d12333d5 (one): Check if an given image is readable in oneimage.
When running "oneimage create --path .." the tool should check not only
for the existence but also for the readabilit...
09:41 PM OpenNebula Revision 068e0a53 (one): Remove possible copy&paste mistake
The command shows how to create a new image using a path to the image
so the comment should reflect that.


05:35 PM OpenNebula Revision ba70c50b (one): Fix minor typo in cli_helper. (Expresion vs Expression)
(cherry picked from commit 8b616eb0865c96517d3391b0de87f0348cb109a2)


10:17 AM OpenNebula Revision 8b616eb0 (one): Fix minor typo in cli_helper. (Expresion vs Expression)


06:07 PM OpenNebula Revision bdf4b8a0 (one): Request #2342 : Remove unused jslib datetimepicker.
See for more information.
Signed-off-by: Daniel Molina <>


10:13 AM OpenNebula Feature #2342 (Closed): Please remove unused js library dtpicker
Hi everyone,
in the latest relase tarball 4.2.0 the javascript library datetimpicker (jquery.dtpicker) is delivere...


09:45 AM OpenNebula Bug #1385 (Closed): Please don't write clear text passwords to the logfile.
When using ldap authentification the users password ist logged to oned.log. This can cause insecurities.
Please c...

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