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05:56 PM OpenNebula Backlog #1727: Patch for one.image.resize to resize image
Resize on deployment will work perfectly for #1768.
05:49 PM OpenNebula Backlog #1710: Add support for "Console Output"
Ruben S. Montero wrote:
> maybe the console output could be gathered during the monitor phase or boot and attached t...
05:26 PM OpenNebula Backlog #2066: EC2CloudAuth for ldap/external users
Even when you are not using the real user credentials (like in the proposed solutions), you should still check with t...


07:48 PM OpenNebula Feature #2054: Implement a method to communicate oned from the guests
Did you had gave look to AWS CloudWatch and the AWS Auto Scaling features and APIs?
That could be a very good refere...
07:47 PM OpenNebula Request #2069 (Closed): Synchronize power-off states with hypervisor
When users shutdown a VM, by issuing a "shutdown" from inside, OpenNebula is not aware of that and puts the machine i...


08:40 AM OpenNebula Feature #2048 (Closed): Instantiate template to persistent
Currently, if an user wants a persistent instance from an existing image, it must do the following:
1. Clone the i...
08:31 AM OpenNebula Bug #2045: Make VNC port be the first available from a range
I'm not sure that the current implementation prevents overflow, so after the 65553 it will try 65554.
But this is st...
08:23 AM OpenNebula Request #2044: Expand VMID
Javi Fontan wrote:
> When NAME is not specified the VM already gets the name one-<vmid>. Could you give use some oth...


01:07 PM OpenNebula Feature #1768: CloudInit and Instance Data, or replacing the current context scripts
If you want to support regular images, it would be valuable to handle image resize, because most of the images (most ...
12:54 PM OpenNebula Bug #2045 (Closed): Make VNC port be the first available from a range
Currently, the VNC port is allocated by using the instance ID.
Because the instance id is a running number, the gene...

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