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09:28 AM OpenNebula Backlog #3061: Add ability to modify disk target bus
Looking at the code there used to be a BUS option, but it was removed when DEV_PREFIX was added - presumably with the...


11:07 AM OpenNebula Backlog #3061 (Pending): Add ability to modify disk target bus
ONE provides a TARGET option in the Disks section of a VM definition. This results in libvirt XML:
<disk ...>


02:20 PM OpenNebula Bug #2276 (Closed): sqlite onedb restore fails unless db target exists
If you call onedb restore when there is no sqlite db file already present, restore fails. However, this is a common ...


11:46 AM OpenNebula Feature #2270 (Closed): vnet can be deleted when it has leases in use
While it isn't possible to remove a lease from a vnet when it is in use, it is possible to delete a vnet which contai...


03:25 PM OpenNebula Bug #2252 (Closed): Guest XML incorrect for CDROM images in a ceph datastore
Assuming you have a ceph datastore set up, you can create an image from cdrom in the ceph pool, with the following co...


01:13 PM OpenNebula Feature #2248 (Closed): Change --vnc option in one_helper.rb to include other graphics types
Could the --vnc option be changed/replaced with a --graphics option, that allowed the setting of the type (vnc/spice)...
12:29 PM OpenNebula Feature #2247 (Closed): Graphics section in vmm_exec_kvm.conf
Please can the the kvm defaults in vmm_exec_kvm.conf be extended to allow inclusion of the 'Graphics' section? Thanks!


10:29 AM OpenNebula Feature #1796: Improve Ceph Integration
Hi - just wondering what the status of this report is?
Currently it appears impossible to use ceph with libvirt > ...


06:59 PM OpenNebula Bug #1895: Error during datastore clone with ceph/rbd
Eventually solved this one.
HOST is a mandatory field in a datastore template. If unset, then $CEPH_HOST is unset...


01:57 PM OpenNebula Bug #1939 (Closed): File permissions/ownership for sunstone with passenger/apache
I've been reading the docs here: and have a few extra changes...

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