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05:21 PM OpenNebula Backlog #2590: General user inputs in templates
Couldn't this be accomplished by doing:
1: onetemplate clone $base_template $tmp_template
2: EDITOR=/path/to/scri...


11:16 PM OpenNebula Feature #2643 (Closed): Still need init scripts for opennebula-flow and opennebula-gate
This is related to issues #2283, filed by me, which is a duplicate of #2183. I saw where the init scripts for debian...


07:58 PM OpenNebula Bug #2254 (Closed): sunstone vnc proxy can't connect to my kvm vnc ports
After fixing the problems in the previous report(2253), the vnc proxy attempts to connect to the vnc port opened by k...
07:55 PM OpenNebula Bug #2253 (Closed): sunstone vnc proxy can't find it's lock file correctly
OpenNebulaVNC.rb tries to load the path of the lock file as config[:lock_file]. That should really be :vnc_lock_file...


02:54 PM OpenNebula Backlog #2240 (Pending): On the sunstone hosts info pane, please provide a graphs that displays t...
For each host, it'd be nice to see what all the vms are have been doing with their cpu and memory(and maybe network) ...
02:41 PM OpenNebula Request #2239 (Closed): datatstore 0 is confused about how to deal with transient file system images
Swap images get stored in datastore 0. The opennebula frontend uses datastore 0 to store the deployment.0 xml descri...
02:34 PM OpenNebula Feature #2238 (Closed): Please allow users to be members of multiple groups at once
I would like to manage my users and groups in a manner similar to unix; I have a directory that is group owned, I do ...
02:32 PM OpenNebula Feature #2237 (Closed): Please have the vm capacity graph display the allocated value
I like the new vm capacity graphs I see in sunstone 4.2. It allows me to see how busy a vm is over time, without req...
02:29 PM OpenNebula Bug #2236 (Closed): sunstone 3.8 would display a single cpu load value, 4.0/4.2 do not
Most of our singleton, persistent vm instances don't use much cpu. I have set CPU=.1 in each of those templates. Ho...
02:25 PM OpenNebula Bug #2235 (Closed): Some command line output gets truncated
The following command line tools, and their subcommands, need a way to not have truncated output:

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