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07:20 AM OpenNebula Bug #5145: Snapshots metadata keeps in VM after disk detach
This also prevents VM's with a DISK Snapshot (not DOMAIN snapshot) from being live migrated through ONE to other host...


11:32 AM OpenNebula Feature #5134 (Pending): OpenNebula should not assume total available data in Ceph cluster is ava...
OpenNebula Ceph monitor assumes all data in the Ceph cluster is available for ONE, i.e. max_avail. Monitor should che...


04:06 PM OpenNebula Bug #4969: Ceph driver for system datastore ignores SHARED=YES
I was bitten by this as well. I applied patch from @kvaps and that works well. Thanks!


03:20 PM OpenNebula Bug #5010: network traffic leaks during VM live-migration when using openvswitch driver
One possible way to fix this would be to apply the tagging of the vnets in the XML that gets used by libvirt (virsh),...
03:10 PM OpenNebula Bug #5010 (Pending): network traffic leaks during VM live-migration when using openvswitch driver
OpenNebula handles the tagging of network adapters of virtual machines. This tagging is done through the drivers. Dep...


02:59 PM OpenNebula Request #4906: VM live capacity resize
This seems to be a duplicate from #3395


10:49 AM OpenNebula Feature #4988 (Pending): Add option to specify NIC MODEL when (hot-)adding a NIC through CLI / API
nic-attach <vmid>
Attaches a NIC to a running VM. When using --file add only one
NIC ...


10:09 AM OpenNebula Feature #4986 (Pending): Make "Download App to OpenNebula" an atomic operation
If a appliance is downloaded to opennebula, the create TEMPLATE and create IMAGE are two seperate operations. If one ...
10:00 AM OpenNebula Bug #4985: Snapshots size
Yup, this would be useful. Users that make a lot of snapshots / changes can consume more space than VIRTUAL DISK SIZE...


01:04 PM OpenNebula Bug #4984 (Pending): onedb fsck does not detect discrepancy between UID / GID in database for res...
We detected a discrepancy between the UID / GID of a VM TEMPLATE in the XML (body), and the uid / gid columns in the ...

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