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08:03 PM OpenNebula Feature #2862: novnc init scripts
Sorry, forgot the link:
08:02 PM OpenNebula Feature #2862: novnc init scripts
Pull request for CentOS (needs PR 22)
07:48 PM OpenNebula Revision 62d0eaa0 (one): Separate novnc from CentOS init scripts
needs PR


10:01 AM OpenNebula Feature #2395: Provide windows guest contextualization scripts
These are all the scripts we are using:
1. Windows Autostart script: SetupComplete.cmd...
09:55 AM OpenNebula Feature #2287: Let the admin choose the format of (single quotes or double quotes)
Javi Fontan wrote:
> OpenNebula will generate two versions and by configuration will let choose which version will b...

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