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08:57 AM OpenNebula Bug #5115 (Pending): Libvirt VNC settings can create conflicts with other processes
By default and for novnc to be able to connect the vnc server of libvirt from the frontend node, Opennebula passes 0....
08:27 AM OpenNebula Backlog #4709: Default keyboard layout for vm
It would be awesome to have the general possibility to set default values for all the fields in the templates (e.g. i...


11:12 AM OpenNebula Bug #4873 (Closed): Error message in sunstone when enabling or disabling a host
When we enable or disable a host we get the warning: ...


09:31 AM OpenNebula Bug #4284: Scheduler stops working during night
Hi Ruben,
We seem to have the same problem in our Setup since we did the last maintenance upgrade to 4.14.2 on Ubu...


12:50 PM OpenNebula Request #4303 (Pending): add possibility to comment on actions
It could be helpful to be able to add comments when a user triggers actions. Like add a comment on why a machine was ...


01:34 PM OpenNebula Backlog #3447 (Pending): Integrate with VMware vCloud
Enable connecting to vCloud like already available for Microsoft Azure or Amazon EC.

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