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03:15 PM OpenNebula Feature #5163 (Pending): metadastore for shared image datastores
Shared image datastores could grouped by a meta datastore. This meta datastore must have a list of datastores it's gr...


01:54 PM OpenNebula Bug #5159 (Pending): Quotas for user should take into account more restrictive group quotas


03:41 PM OpenNebula Feature #5158 (Pending): Support storage migrations for datastores that store the data in the ima...
In the case of Datastores like Ceph, the data is in reality kept in the image datastore. There is currently no way to...


04:56 PM OpenNebula Backlog #5147 (Pending): Disable VM -> Templates click to show datatable
Only honor clicking on labels.
That is, never show the full datatable with VM Templates of all labels, but rather ...
04:49 PM OpenNebula Bug #5146 (New): Host Monitoring does not fail if probe does not come back
For instance, if IM drivers run outs of threads, host never goes into ERROR state, and thus prevents the correct use ...


05:25 PM OpenNebula Backlog #4785: Add support to VMRC Console when using VMware hypervisor
Ideally read-only user run VMRC.


02:48 PM OpenNebula Backlog #5132 (Pending): Study - Improve - vCenter scalability limits
* Monitor limits in number of VMs
* VNC limit per vCenter


05:18 PM OpenNebula Backlog #5118 (New): Allow SCHEDULED ACTIONS in VM Templates
Also in Sunstone at instantiation time, and at VM creation time


12:34 PM OpenNebula Feature #5112 (Pending): Assign cost to imported VMs
12:33 PM OpenNebula Feature #5111 (Pending): Control what operations are available through onegate
Add a permissions mechanism to determine what operations can be executed via OneGate. For instance, resched requires ...

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