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10:44 AM OpenNebula Bug #4982 (Closed): Sunstone - Update template in master branch adds a ghost DISK section which p...
10:08 AM OpenNebula Feature #5061: Option to override TM_MAD's SHARED=[YES/NO] per datastore
We are going to evaluate this and fix it for future versions.
Meanwhile we suggest creating a new set of drivers w...
09:39 AM OpenNebula Bug #5079 (Closed): Sunstone does not correctly display Advanced parameters per ROL


10:00 PM OpenNebula Bug #5080 (New): ec2 cloudwatch monitoring does not respect the 1440 datapoint limitation
Need to increase period so requested datapoints does not exceed the 1440 value
01:57 PM OpenNebula Bug #5079 (Closed): Sunstone does not correctly display Advanced parameters per ROL
Update works correctly, but the next update action fails to populate these parameters correctly per rol.


06:34 PM OpenNebula Backlog #5076 (Pending): Wizard dialog mangles information input in CLI or Advance dialog
Needs to append instead of update
06:33 PM OpenNebula Bug #5075 (New): Image mapping driver options differ in Image and VM Template creation
Most importantly, in VM Template creation is lacking Custom field.
06:25 PM OpenNebula Backlog #5074 (Pending): Automatically add VNC settings to vCenter VMs at import time


01:36 PM OpenNebula Feature #5072 (New): Allow the definition of thinness or thickness of vCenter VM disks
Using an attribute like VCENTER_PROVISIONING_TYPE. Study the implications for OPENNEBULA_MANAGED yes and no disks.


11:48 AM OpenNebula Bug #5060 (New): oneflow should not store all log information as a document
Ideally, only store last 100 entries, divert the rest to a log file if configured to do so.

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