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08:59 PM OpenNebula Backlog #3613 (Pending): Add Sunstone option to start with -v


05:52 PM OpenNebula Request #3599 (New): Sunstone init script should not manage novnc
I think adding init commands like 'start-sunstone|stop-sunstone|restart-sunstone' doesn't make any sense in real-worl...


04:14 PM OpenNebula Backlog #3411 (Pending): Manage devices/ serial console
I have the following RAW data added to the VM templates which are used to instantiate KVMs. It would be great to have...
03:57 PM OpenNebula Feature #3408: Disable VM actions depending on the current state
I think this could improve the usability a lot.
03:56 PM OpenNebula Request #3407: Emergency documentation on how to recover after a crash
03:42 PM OpenNebula Feature #3409 (Pending): Provide different message transport systems next to SSH
The TCP driven _overhead_ given in SSH talking with a huge amount of compute nodes might be a bottleneck in the futur...
01:50 PM OpenNebula Backlog #2985: Allow administrators to force the VM status


07:53 PM OpenNebula Feature #1639: VM Disaster Recovery without resubmit of harddisk images


05:03 PM OpenNebula Feature #3223: Ability to change the IP/gateway/MAC/mask after the template is instantiated
Good point. Today I had the same issue and took a look at the VNETs. In 4.8 you can skip IP address management when y...


05:56 PM OpenNebula Feature #2433: substitute install_gems with bundler plus package build deps
I'd also vote for improving this process since AFAIR you can't execute install_gems automatically since it requires u...

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