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11:38 AM OpenNebula Bug #3683 (Closed): Bug on the onedb web page in the
I have access the docs for 4.12 on
and there is not any web...


01:14 PM OpenNebula Bug #3082 (Closed): Ruby version on Centos 6 failures
I'm trying the new opennebula 4.7.80 dev version and i've found a problem with the ruby packages on Centos 6.


06:55 AM OpenNebula Backlog #3068 (Closed): SunStone 4.6.2 High risk on the cached check list at Virtual Machines
When we are at the Virtual Machine at Virtual Resources or other section from Sunstone if we have checked an image, t...
06:39 AM OpenNebula Bug #3067 (Closed): AppMarket 2.0.1 Fault on the Sign in Tab
You could sign in at the front page with a user, ex: default but when you are inside the view of an appliance and you...


08:29 AM OpenNebula Backlog #3046 (Pending): Colorize on the Virtual Machine Display for each Machine
*This feature is implemented by labels*
Could be a good feature the posibility to colorize the Machines on the Vir...

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