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01:42 PM OpenNebula Bug #5336 (Closed): Can't attach disk to VM
Since upgrade to 5.4 when can't attach disk anymore on running VMs.
This is 100% reproductible we have t...


01:53 PM OpenNebula Bug #5094 (Pending): custom vnet driver using ovswitch is not possible
I tried to add a new custom vnet driver. Everything is ok when hotplugging the interface to a running VM. But you hav...


12:58 PM OpenNebula Bug #2803: On refresh, sunstone loses the current dataTable page
It seems I have this bug back on OpenNebula 5.2. Should I open a new ticket ?
12:55 PM OpenNebula Bug #4835: opennebula says the disk image is not in qcow2 format but it is.
Same bug here on OpenNebula 5.2. Add to convert the image to boot the VM again. This only happens on attached disks.


11:47 AM OpenNebula Bug #4053 (Closed): Unable to use service templates from cloud view
Since upgrade to 4.14 users can't use anymore service templates. After choosing one service template, they can...


09:56 AM OpenNebula Bug #3976: fontawesome are missing
I don't see any -2 packages here http://downloads.opennebula.org/repo/4.14/CentOS/7/x86_64/
After yum clean all, s...
09:05 AM OpenNebula Bug #3976: fontawesome are missing
Any ETA for those -2 packages?


11:56 AM OpenNebula Bug #3976: fontawesome are missing
Do you know where I can grad the new packages?


11:31 AM OpenNebula Bug #3978 (Closed): Upgrading gems should be mentionned in documentation
We are upgrading from 4.12 to 4.14 devel following this documentation http://docs.opennebula.org/4.14/release_...
09:55 AM OpenNebula Bug #3977 (Closed): lspci is now mandatory on nodes?
just upgraded rpms from opennebula-4.13.80-1.x86_64 to opennebula-4.13.85-1.x86_64, and monitoring nodes now f...

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