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08:32 PM OpenNebula Bug #3849 (Closed): Quotas in UserPool-XML don't match documented schema
In a fresh installation of opennebula 4.10 or 4.12 (both versions are affected) on a clean debian wheezy installation...


06:45 AM OpenNebula Bug #3829: Memory Leak in onehost update
Have you been able to find the problem already and is there any chance of having a bugfix release of OpenNebula 4.12 ...


01:17 PM OpenNebula Bug #3829 (Closed): Memory Leak in onehost update
We have a script that regularly (once per minute) updates a number of attributes of our virtualization hosts through ...


01:11 PM OpenNebula Bug #3762 (Closed): Download Links still point to 4.12.0
Despite the bugfix release announced on April 8th, the download links and version information on http://opennebula.or...


11:42 AM OpenNebula Feature #3739 (Closed): Execute script before
we need to execute some hooks before a VM is started for the first time (i.e. after a VM is created or an exis...

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