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09:59 AM OpenNebula Bug #4969: Ceph driver for system datastore ignores SHARED=YES
I've already hit the case when a TM_MAD is shared for IMAGE and no for SYSTEM (ssh) with our addon.
Here is...


08:53 PM OpenNebula Bug #5068 (Closed): Warning dialog on VMsnapshot restore
While playing with the VMsnapshots scripts [1] I've discovered that in the sunstone there is no warning dialog...


02:16 PM OpenNebula Feature #5061 (New): Option to override TM_MAD's SHARED=[YES/NO] per datastore
I am in a refactoring cycle for our addon and I am currently stuck at this situation:
The IMAGE_DS has TM_M...


08:53 PM OpenNebula Bug #5057 (Pending): VM USER_TEMPLATE messed up
Not sure is this bug or feature, but it is sort of confusing so I am classifying it as bug.
How to reproduc...


08:58 AM OpenNebula Bug #5038 (Pending): document LIVE_DISK_SNAPSHOTS (vmm_execrc)
Following this thread


08:48 AM OpenNebula Bug #4994 (Closed): move /etc/logrotate.d/opennebula to opennebula-common package
In brief: /etc/logrotate.d/opennebula is che...


04:54 PM OpenNebula Request #4976 (Pending): option to download/update files in the FILES datastore
When I want to update a script file in FILES I am searching the hashes in FILES datastore to find the needed file, th...
04:42 PM OpenNebula Feature #4880: Allow third party components to modify deployment file or configuration
Also, the previously proposed scheme should be implemented for the attach actions too - option to alter the XML that ...
04:31 PM OpenNebula Feature #4880: Allow third party components to modify deployment file or configuration
+1 from me too.
I am thinking of an extra step that is called on the FE just before the deploy action on the Host....
03:50 PM OpenNebula Bug #4975 (Pending): honor DISPOSE=YES in market_mad/remotes/http/import
I've implemented the marked_mad scripts for our storage but there are snapshots left on the storage because th...

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