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09:27 AM OpenNebula Feature #5181 (Pending): function get_destination_host() to check bridge host availability
Besides the round-robin the function should check is the bridge host available to do the task.
The simplest resolu...
09:13 AM OpenNebula Feature #4393: Resize operation for VM disks
There is one more bug but I am exploiting it as a feature so I kindly ask the resolution to have the option to...


09:02 PM OpenNebula Feature #4393: Resize operation for VM disks
Actually the disk resize is working! Probably I've messed the hosts sync earlier today.
Anyway, here is the...
07:40 PM OpenNebula Feature #4393: Resize operation for VM disks
Hi John Noss,
Which version of libvirt and qemu-kvm you are using?
On libvirt 2.0.0/qemu-kvm 2.6.0 the VM is no...
09:14 AM OpenNebula Bug #5179 (Closed): sunstone not allowing custom attributes in datastore definitions
The current implementation is closing the sunstone interface to alter only the known(to sunstone) attributes
How t...


03:43 PM OpenNebula Revision 486a4856 (one): F #4809: rename sql to sqlcmd in database_schema.rb
'sql' is reserved word in MariaDB


08:25 AM OpenNebula Feature #5086: Allow systen snapshots in poweroff state
As we are using only the interface(to do disk snapshots only) an option to enable them is welcome.
08:16 AM OpenNebula Bug #5101: Error symlinking to a block device using /dev/disk/by-path/
In `.../remotes/tm/dev/ln` the first argument is the SRC disk. The script expect argument with format 'host:path' but...


10:10 AM OpenNebula Bug #4924: ceph: tm migration scripts are killing vms with shared system datastore
Our storage addon is supporting both ssh and shared modes switchable via custom datastore attribute (SP_SYSTEM in our...


03:51 PM OpenNebula Bug #5131: migration failure due to ceph system datastore being misused as a fs datastore
IMHO it is an expected behavior.
There are still Linux distributions in support that are shipped with virtu...

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