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06:20 PM OpenNebula Bug #4784 (Closed): Unsuccessful Hotplug of Volatile disks causes RBD to not be cleared upon VM t...
I attempted to create a volatile swap disk which fails as it appears Nebula attempts to use RBD Kernel driver to map ...


02:30 PM OpenNebula Bug #3910 (Closed): Attach Disk Fails when Device Prefix is left blank (defaults to hd)
My setup: KVM, Ceph datastore. 4.12
When attempting to attach block devices to the running instance the attachment...


03:45 PM OpenNebula Feature #3884 (Closed): In Sunstone, provide the Name of instances, and templates when confirming...
In Sunstone, when you request to delete a template it gives you the numeric ID of the template but does not provide t...


08:50 PM OpenNebula Bug #3882 (Closed): In Sunstone, template custom_vars are not cleared after applying
When adding custom_vars in the context tab of template updates, the text within the input field is not cleared after ...

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