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02:22 PM OpenNebula Bug #5109 (Pending): libvirt network filter should allow traffic from vrouter floating ip
Currently if using a libvirt network filter (such as 'clean-traffic') and launching a virtual router with a floating ...


05:04 PM OpenNebula Bug #4992: OpenNebula does not take into account VM NIC MAC value
To add a note on this -- we have also run into this issue; what we do as a workaround is just hold the IP on the AR t...


06:24 PM OpenNebula Feature #5001 (Pending): Add warning text to terminate vm dialog in Sunstone
With the addition of there will be a configurable to have all actions on VMs i...


08:33 PM OpenNebula Backlog #2030: Disable users
This would be a great feature to have, +1 from me! Also, to confirm, will this revoke any existing sessions (sunstone...


03:53 PM OpenNebula Feature #4393: Resize operation for VM disks
This looks great! Will this also provide the ability to resize persistent images? (Will this make it possible to resi...


05:06 PM OpenNebula Feature #4948 (Closed): add "clear search" button next to search box in Sunstone
After performing an advanced search in Sunstone (such as filtering by host or a status in the vm listing), or clickin...


05:04 PM OpenNebula Request #4876: Allow clusters to share hosts
Note see also for a different way to address this, for ceph datastores, by pair...
05:03 PM OpenNebula Request #4877 (Pending): Combine ceph system and image datastores
Currently using ceph as the backend requires two separate datastores, image and system; it would be nice if these cou...
04:49 PM OpenNebula Request #4876 (Pending): Allow clusters to share hosts
Currently clusters can share vnets and datastores, but not hosts. It would be nice if hosts could belong to more than...


05:32 PM OpenNebula Backlog #4838 (Closed): change color of close VNC button vs ctrl-alt-del button
Currently the button to close a VNC window in Sunstone is red, but the Ctrl-Alt-Del button is not - I think that thes...

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