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05:15 PM OpenNebula Backlog #3388 (Pending): Volatile disk persistency
it would be nice to save a volative disk as a persistent disk/image.
It is easy with sunstone to create a new...


11:32 AM OpenNebula Feature #1680 (Closed): Add possibility for hooks to add variables to template
It would be very useful if vm hooks could add some variables to the template.
For example, one could add user rela...


08:31 AM OpenNebula Bug #1624 (Closed): Wrong access rights to /var/lib/one with deb packages
I just upgraded to version 3.8 using deb packages.
/var/lib/one directory is set to root user, not oneadmin. This ...


01:31 PM OpenNebula Bug #1075: Wrong memory monitoring in im_ganglia
I am using Ganglia in my labs for open nebula and face the memory cache issue too.


09:01 AM OpenNebula Bug #1263 (Closed): install_novnc fails due to SSL certificate
After upgrade to one 3.4 with Debian package, VNC via Sunstone failed.
I had to reinstall novnc with the install_n...


02:15 PM OpenNebula Request #1251: Failure to authenticate ldap users via the EC2 interface
I gonna remove ldap usage in this case.
But it is a kind of issue. Getting LDAP support is really nice in case of an...


11:58 AM OpenNebula Bug #1252 (Closed): LDAP authentication issue on password characters
I faced recently a password identification issue with LDAP users depending on password.
I could fix the issue in /...
11:19 AM OpenNebula Request #1251 (Closed): Failure to authenticate ldap users via the EC2 interface
Users authenticated with LDAP are not allowed to launch instances via EC2.
I tried an EC2 start instance script wi...


01:20 PM OpenNebula Backlog #1248 (Pending): Get the possibility, via Sunstone, to download an image
IT would be nice if sunstone could allow the download of an image in the repository if user has, at least, "use" ACL ...


12:49 PM OpenNebula Bug #1236: ldap auth takes as fake password the user dn
I include a patch proposal, setting user name as fake password instead of dn:
--- /tmp/authenticate 2012-04-17 14:...

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