Denis LDV

  • Registered on: 06/22/2016
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Reported issues: 3


01:05 PM OpenNebula Bug #4592 (Closed): Wrong LVM addon setup script
I unzipped archive with addon to /root/LVM_addon directory then
@# ./ -d /var/lib/one
cp: cannot stat ...
09:14 AM OpenNebula Feature #4590 (Closed): Sunstone. Images column "Size"
Change column "Size" in "Images" tab to show size in Gb like in "oneimage list" output.
09:09 AM OpenNebula Request #4589 (Pending): Sorting by "Used Cpu" "Used Memory"
I enabled columns "Used Cpu" "Used Memory" for VMs tab in YAML file. But there is no sorting for these columns.

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