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08:29 AM OpenNebula Backlog #4759: Extend pricing options
Is there a new target version for this feature?
Why will it not come with 5.4?


11:17 AM OpenNebula Backlog #4759 (Pending): Extend pricing options
Today I can set prices for RAM, CPU and HDD.
But if I have a base price for operating system, applicatoin or a bundl...


11:07 AM OpenNebula Request #3394: Add Docker support
was this feature added in the meanwhile? --> http://opennebula.org/docker-machine-and-opennebula/
10:49 AM OpenNebula Request #4755 (Closed): Disk resize at runtime
Please add a functionality (for vcenter) to resize (increase) harddisk size for already deployed virtual machines (li...

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