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07:40 PM OpenNebula Bug #5175 (Pending): Error canceling VM: 802.1Q
HI, I testing cloud today, I run 100VMs and terminate hard 100VMs, one VM failed to terminate with following error.


10:22 AM OpenNebula Bug #4956: QoS parameters defined in VN not overwriten by defined in VM
I solve this by creating new vnet using reservations


05:20 PM OpenNebula Revision 322bc419 (one): Don’t create virsh domain snapshot metadata. REFS#5145
Signed-off-by: Kristian Feldsam <>


09:59 AM OpenNebula Revision 2836eb9e (one): Fixed/Extended DS MAD FS snapshot script to work via BRIDGE_LIST on remo...
Signed-off-by: Kristian Feldsam <>
Signed-off-by: Vlastimil Holer <>


06:26 PM OpenNebula Request #4955: Add libvirt net filter "clean-traffic" to all interfaces by default
I figure out, that there is ipmac spoofing protection, so no need this


09:28 AM OpenNebula Bug #5152: VMs are not polling correctly
Hi, I investigate it deeper and in same cases, failed migration leaves VM in state "paused". VMM driver assume, that ...


09:51 PM OpenNebula Bug #5152 (Pending): VMs are not polling correctly
Hello, I experience few times bug with VM monitoring. When I execute VM live migration and it's fail from whatever re...


09:39 AM OpenNebula Bug #5145: Snapshots metadata keeps in VM after disk detach
I can confirm what Stefan said. I also have this experience.
My pull request solve this problem by not saving disk...


07:11 PM OpenNebula Bug #5145: Snapshots metadata keeps in VM after disk detach
Pull request:
06:19 PM OpenNebula Bug #5144: Image flatten doesn't work
Hello, I fixed it by extending ds_mad/fs driver. Pull request:

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