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04:06 PM OpenNebula Feature #5483 (Pending): OneGate: Deleting parameters is not possible.
I can not found any possibility for removing parameters.
I can only add a new one or change the current one.
I ca...
01:38 PM OpenNebula Bug #5472: Sunstone: "image_info_tab: false" should disable any link to the image
>image-tab has 3 panels: info, vms and snapshots.
I see, I have empty page because I disabled all of them ...
01:25 PM OpenNebula Bug #5482 (Pending): OpenNebula: Image should downloads on BRIDGE_LIST node
This is really strange for download image on core server and after transfer it via pipeline to the one of BRIDGE_LIST...
12:46 PM OpenNebula Bug #5481 (Pending): OpenNebula: Allows using LOCKED images
If you create new image from the http source, and if it downloads really slowly, it stacks in LOCKED state.
This i...
10:24 AM OpenNebula Bug #5457: Sunstone: User can see vms id who uses image even if he have no access to them
This question to you, isn't it?
09:08 AM OpenNebula Feature #5479 (Pending): OpenNebula: VM_HIDDEN_ATTR and posibility for hide some flieds from user
I want to hide some flieds from user, so only oneadmin can see or edit this.
I suggest you entering the following v...
08:59 AM OpenNebula Bug #5478 (Closed): Sunstone: Can not select English language, if default language is set to anot...
You can not select "English language" because it is first on the list, you need to select another one, and after it s...
08:53 AM OpenNebula Backlog #5476 (Pending): Sunstone: There is no possibility for disable "Advanced options" for res...
08:51 AM OpenNebula Bug #5475 (Pending): Sunstone: There is no possibility for disable "Advanced tab" for resources c...
08:49 AM OpenNebula Backlog #5474 (Pending): Sunstone: There is no possibility for hide unwanted or just select type ...

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