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11:40 AM OpenNebula Feature #2757: Make noVNC proxy work in a federation to access VMs in any zones
Spice also can be simple proxied by http-proxy (just squid for example), oVirt and Proxmox already use this feature.
11:33 AM OpenNebula Backlog #2030: Disable users
Also connected with #5487
11:26 AM OpenNebula Backlog #2030: Disable users
Currently I use external python script for proxying XML-RPC API for doing that :)
11:20 AM OpenNebula Backlog #2064: Support for Hooks an API calls
Currently I use external python script for proxying XML-RPC API for doing that :)


07:46 PM OpenNebula Bug #5558 (Pending): Sunstone: no way for disable select auth type on settings-tab.
I found only one related function
User.change_authentication: false
And its not work too


02:52 PM OpenNebula Request #5542 (Pending): Sunstone: Autorefresh feature
Need to implement caching and "autorefresh" feature, for see state updates in live time
Connected with this thread...


10:48 PM OpenNebula Feature #5424: OpenNebula: Add USER_RESTRICTED_ATTR feature
User can remove his ...


12:19 PM OpenNebula Bug #5529 (Closed): Sunstone: unable to set CPU first, it always get values from vCPU
- Try to create new vm, or resize existing.
- Fill the CPU field (before)
- Fill the vCPU field (after)
- Disfocus...


11:19 AM OpenNebula Feature #5523 (Pending): Sunstone: custom.css file for each different view
It's really needed to having separated custom css file for each view, it can help for personalize skins and manage el...


07:29 AM OpenNebula Bug #5482: OpenNebula: Image should downloads on BRIDGE_LIST node
As can I see, this patch can break uploading images via sunstone interface, be careful.
May be some option for enabl...

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