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01:28 PM OpenNebula Feature #4957 (Closed): How to add a new menu item to opennebula menu - opennebula5.0.2
Please suggest how to add a new menu item to link to an external page on opennebula.
If you can point me to code ...


02:15 PM OpenNebula Feature #4868 (Closed): Ability to hold state until the vm is complete
When a new vm is provisioned, the state changes from boot to running. Please provide an option where by after the con...
02:11 PM OpenNebula Feature #4867 (Closed): Ability to add disks to existing vm's
In open nebula, we have an option to increase RAM and VCPU for the vm( existing and also new vm) but not the harddisk...


01:49 PM OpenNebula Feature #4811 (Closed): Support Softlayer integration for future releases of Opennebula
Support Softlayer integration was available till Opennebula version4.14. From version 5.0 onwards, the support is rem...

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