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01:23 PM OpenNebula Revision e04dba14 (one): Enable rm_directory for vcenter 6.5
12:43 PM OpenNebula Revision 00b7d860 (one): F #5207: vCenter disks can be resized when VM in poweroff
12:29 PM OpenNebula Feature #5207: Resize vCenter disks when the VM is in Poweroff
A tm/resize action has been added to vCenter driver. When a disk is going to be resized the tm/resize will check if t...
12:16 PM OpenNebula Feature #5207 (Pending): Resize vCenter disks when the VM is in Poweroff
When a VM is in poweroff state it should be possible to resize (increase) disks.
06:38 AM OpenNebula Revision 6e23515a (one): Add info_all to one_pool helper method used by vcenter
06:19 AM OpenNebula Revision b2848a04 (one): Add info_all to pools used by vcenter pre-migrator


12:43 PM OpenNebula Revision d897301e (one): F #4913: Disable some vCenter required attributes


05:41 PM OpenNebula Revision d831d3eb (one): F #4913: Disable rm_directory for vCenter 6.5 again, wait_for_completion...
10:56 AM OpenNebula Revision 8ff2e568 (one): F #4913: Add wait_for_completion to vCenter rm_directory that may cause ...
08:08 AM OpenNebula Bug #5196 (Closed): vCenter NICs attached or detached are not reflected on CONTEXT after the VM i...
It was an issue in OpenNebula's core related with object cache, the context is regenerated when a NIC is attached.

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