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11:29 AM OpenNebula Feature #3507: Include cluster information for networks
In next release, the virtual network object when VN_MAD=dummy is used will have a reference to the vcenter cluster (V...
11:24 AM OpenNebula Bug #4829 (Closed): vCenter :: Remain VM directory after terminate VM
Closed as that's the expected behaviour of OpenNebula's core system.
11:22 AM OpenNebula Feature #4999: Add support for spaces in names for Clusters, VMDK file names and datastores
Related with #4914
11:21 AM OpenNebula Feature #4914 (Closed): Support clusters in vCenter with spaces in their name
Integrated in ticket #4999
11:19 AM OpenNebula Request #4966 (Closed): Support for migration of VM between vCenter Clusters
Closed as duplicate of #4997
11:15 AM OpenNebula Feature #4915: Regenerate the context of in vCenter on every resume
There's a related ticket #4568
11:12 AM OpenNebula Bug #4568 (Closed): Context is not regenerated for vcenter
Closed as duplicate of #4915
10:07 AM OpenNebula Bug #5029 (New): PUBLIC_CLOUD variables do not accept ,
10:02 AM OpenNebula Bug #5035 (New): qcow2 snapshot should specify backing_fmt=qcow2 for apparmor to work properly
10:01 AM OpenNebula Bug #5038 (New): document LIVE_DISK_SNAPSHOTS (vmm_execrc)

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