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09:38 PM OpenNebula Feature #4917: Improve windows contextualization information
This is already solved for the Windows version of one context addon 5.2.0.
At least the MSI version does not seem to...


04:06 PM OpenNebula Request #4976: option to download/update files in the FILES datastore
+1 for this
It is quite hard at the moment to update such files. Also - if the file grows (or shrinks) the shown s...


04:09 PM OpenNebula Feature #3224: Authorize user/group to create restricted networks
I would also benefit from that feature.
A perfect addition to this would be the possibility to use VXLAN (IDs) ins...


10:49 AM OpenNebula Feature #4008: option to unprotect the delete action on disk snapshots
+1 for this from my side too.
I am using Ceph at the moment - but I plan to test drive other datastores too in the...
10:44 AM OpenNebula Feature #4885: Ceph Snapshots cannot be deleted
it seems this feature request is somehow linked to that feature request #4008.
I would really like to see ...

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