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06:52 AM OpenNebula Feature #538: Multiple boot devices for VMs
I think making BOOT a multi valued attribute may be misleading. Adding comma separated values easily defines boot ord...


08:43 PM OpenNebula Feature #132: Support for Reboot action
As I see in commits there is only support for soft reboot which is not as useful as hard reboot.
If soft reboot is ...


09:13 PM OpenNebula Feature #407: manage user groups
Would it be possible to add custom attributes(via cli or rpc)? It can be useful for plugins.


11:35 PM OpenNebula Bug #467: Set language to english before running commands
Instead of parsing programs output in bash script better idea is to use libvirt and xen api. For example /var/tmp/one...


12:11 AM OpenNebula Bug #445: Problem with tm_common.sh(fix_paths)
I have same problem.

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