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04:01 PM OpenNebula Feature #1370: Add rackup support in cloud servers
In case no one realized so far, It might be that if passenger spins several instances of the sunstone/selfservice the...


04:00 PM OpenNebula Revision cc1486bd (one): Sunstone: allow custom path for resources in opennebula.js
The purpose is to be able to fetch and parse a resource from an URL which is not exactly the lowercase version of the...
04:00 PM OpenNebula Revision 58ade82d (one): Bug #1415: Fix VLAN option in Vnet templates
Currently VLAN was not set unless VLAN_ID was specified.
This commit fixes it. It also shows the option for ebtables...
04:00 PM OpenNebula Revision be822818 (one): Add ganglia to host im_mad options
(cherry picked from commit 58465ba0f190cea865a6ca437a6185dc4d90b795)
(cherry picked from commit 974300bddab67f4e2c0d9...
03:13 PM OpenNebula Revision ca8edef7 (one): Sunstone: fix some strings
(cherry picked from commit c959a8f3e4f499ba1a7ed3e74a787006a058550d)
(cherry picked from commit 5e35d072c805163ab485f...
03:13 PM OpenNebula Revision f8f8e515 (one): Sunstone: do not offer system datastore when creating an image. Set defa...
(cherry picked from commit 700f6cafc476a6eb782eadd1fa822f3a77688a6c)


11:06 AM OpenNebula Revision b61f57d7 (one): Appflow: fix IE bug not letting select parents from list in template cre...
(cherry picked from commit 82882a3957a1e478bc73b8d11121141e8848c822)


08:55 PM OpenNebula Revision 9963fcb6 (one): Sunstone: language bump
Updated languages to latest versions in transifex. Updated install and compile scripts.
New Languages: catalan, czec...
08:55 PM OpenNebula Revision 0afca494 (one): Self-Service: language bump
Updated languages to latest versions from transifex, updated configuration file, compilation and install scripts.


08:57 PM OpenNebula Revision e32c7840 (one): Several small fixes for UIs:
* Fixed bug affecting only IE that prevented images/vnets from being selected in IE in Self-Service
* Fixed IE logi...

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