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02:29 PM OpenNebula Bug #5467 (Pending): Disk size is reset to image size after delete-recreate VM
When VM is recovered with delete-recreate option, all disks are recreated with the size of the image, no matter what ...


04:52 PM OpenNebula Bug #5449 (Pending): Users can not terminate own VMs
If user is not a member of oneadmin group, he can not create a VM with admin rights for the owner and can not termina...


12:22 PM OpenNebula Bug #5440 (Pending): Disk resize is limited to 500GB in sunstone
When trying to resize disk to size larger than 500GB on existing VM using sunstone, new size is limited to 500GB. Any...


10:45 AM OpenNebula Bug #5423 (Pending): XML-RPC method one.vm.diskresize is not documented
XML-RPC method one.vm.diskresize is missing in API reference for v.5.4


09:20 AM OpenNebula Revision 98885d64 (one): B #5359: Fix force_shutdown bug. Output of the command is executed. (#434)
(cherry picked from commit 94ef9a7e64e4bbec36e8430305acc09c1440c036)
09:19 AM OpenNebula Revision 94ef9a7e (one): B #5359: Fix force_shutdown bug. Output of the command is executed. (#434)


08:43 AM OpenNebula Bug #5359 (Closed): VM force shutdown - output of shutdown command is executed
After VM shutdown, if FORCE_DESTROY=yes and VM can not power off in defined SHUTDOWN_TIMEOUT, destroy is executed. Ho...

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