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12:45 PM OpenNebula Bug #124 (Closed): Scalability problems with EC2 driver
When running "a few" (problem encountered for 10 to 15) VMs, the EC2 drivers hangs (uses all CPU/memory) during polli...
12:34 PM OpenNebula Feature #123 (Closed): Region support for EC2 driver
There is currently no way to pass EC2 region to the EC2 VMM driver.
As a result, only the US region (us-east-1) is p...


11:25 AM OpenNebula Bug #102 (Closed): Hard coded xml-rpc port in ruby client
Line 88 of src/client/ruby/one.rb reads:
but should use the port speci...


02:17 PM OpenNebula Bug #101 (Closed): Installation procedure tune up
A few minor issues noted during installation, reinstallation, and uninstallation
of ONE-1.2.
1. When (un)installi...

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