Ruben S. Montero

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04:51 PM OpenNebula Revision 69b3e4d9 (one): B #5547: Capture JSON errors on OpenNebula Systems Marketplace driver
(cherry picked from commit 09416b78d8ada1c8cd4cfb1edb697263b3bf683a)
04:50 PM OpenNebula Revision 09416b78 (one): B #5547: Capture JSON errors on OpenNebula Systems Marketplace driver
02:27 PM OpenNebula Revision b9b272f0 (one): Revert "F #5241: Merged vCenter and KVM views (#566)"
This reverts commit 49058dd4ab84dfa4fcbf7938c1ddb3e09e2a607f.
02:27 PM OpenNebula Revision 70ce299c (one): Revert "F #5241: Updated (#568)"
This reverts commit a45f7075522c419ae45d35a42381c938cc2a73e0.
02:27 PM OpenNebula Revision 0f48c85d (one): Revert "Execution permissions for"
This reverts commit 4a5949a4ed1805bf6f04651ddab567a191c16163.


03:32 PM OpenNebula Bug #5536 (Closed): Unable to make changes on Sunstone settings page
03:21 PM OpenNebula Revision e4761459 (one): Fix compilation warning
(cherry picked from commit e3be9339ad54796b5397e8bfeb5f77d512701623)
03:20 PM OpenNebula Feature #5535 (Closed): multiple choice list as USER_INPUTs
03:20 PM OpenNebula Revision e3be9339 (one): Fix compilation warning


10:35 AM OpenNebula Bug #1802 (Closed): Host monitoring will not retrieve data for deleted hosts

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