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05:17 PM OpenNebula Bug #5164 (New): Hybrid VMs in poweroff --> terminate are not removed from public cloud provider
Since they are PUBLIC_CLOUD VMs they lack epilog phase.
01:38 PM OpenNebula Bug #5162 (New): Resize of vCenter VM in poweroff does not spawn dialog
01:34 PM OpenNebula Bug #5161 (New): Attach disk and Attach nic functipnality broken in Sunstone
Due to column order change


01:25 PM OpenNebula Bug #5157 (New): Multi value resource template editing mangles Host template
In vCenter hosts, this removes all VCENTER_* attribute information.


09:56 AM OpenNebula Revision d26a242a (one): Merge branch 'feature-5065'
09:05 AM OpenNebula Feature #4926: User Input Fields Enhacements
Needs documentation
09:04 AM OpenNebula Feature #5043: Makes Sustone LABEL persistent per pool
Needs documentation
09:03 AM OpenNebula Feature #5065: Make it easier to login with a group
Needs documentation
09:01 AM OpenNebula Bug #4683 (Closed): Sign out may not close the session
Cannot reliable reproduce the problem.
09:00 AM OpenNebula Bug #4935 (Closed): Unable to add SSH public key with Update Configuration
This is the intended behaviour

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