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10:40 AM OpenNebula Revision 9698ea46 (one): B #5204: Disable restricted attributes for NIC and DISK vCenter VMs
10:39 AM OpenNebula Bug #5204 (Pending): Restricted Attributes for vCenter causes normal users not to be able to inst...
If a vcenter imported VM Template is instantiated by a regular user, it fails due to the following RESTRICTED ATTRIBU...


03:48 PM OpenNebula Revision b2962f61 (one): Change location of vcenter vnet hooks in oned.conf
03:32 PM OpenNebula Revision f13c6bbe (one): Change location of vcenter hooks


12:38 PM OpenNebula Revision d8d737b5 (one): Restyle ec2 deploy function
10:48 AM OpenNebula Revision 697fc25e (one): Remove ec2 credentials from .conf


11:26 AM OpenNebula Revision 5b3c979a (one): Revert "Deleted saveas icon in cloud view for vCenter VMs (#339)"
This reverts commit 632cff4fb96ed48598840355cb3584f3e1cbcaea.


03:51 PM OpenNebula Feature #4918 (Closed): Guide on how to upload vmdks in vCenter
perfect, thanks!
11:03 AM OpenNebula Feature #5190 (Closed): Do not import Datastores that are not shared between all ESX in cluster
This can be restricted to not importing only those datastores that are local (ie local hard disk) to the ESX host.


11:18 AM OpenNebula Bug #4648 (Closed): Delete VMs in poweroff leaves disks in datastore

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