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11:02 AM OpenNebula Bug #5439 (New): onedb change-body should support history tables
Since the VM XML is reconstructed from the history table, this needs to be changed as well if there is any issue.


02:22 PM OpenNebula Bug #5415 (Closed): Total cost does not take into account the cost disks.
02:16 PM OpenNebula Bug #5408 (Closed): Sunstone: Can not disable VM Groups shown in VM creating dialog
02:14 PM OpenNebula Bug #5387 (Closed): VM Instantiate tab - can't see memory size
02:12 PM OpenNebula Bug #5403 (Closed): Sorting in VM "Start Time" is done alphabetically
02:11 PM OpenNebula Bug #5391 (Closed): Dashboard statistics do not show actual VM name
PR has been merged, this will be available in the next OpenNebula release.
02:08 PM OpenNebula Bug #5398 (Closed): OneFlow shutdown command is not available in sunstone
Fixed in https://github.com/OpenNebula/one/commit/51b9cad0ae8a7fb5be1ee429c4af591307bd1d95
02:03 PM OpenNebula Bug #5367: vCenter customizations doesn't work
Add note to known issues --> VM Templates with Customizations probably need to be updated
01:51 PM OpenNebula Bug #5390 (Closed): Overcommitment update boken in Sunstone


04:03 PM OpenNebula Revision 0996242f (one): Remove duplicated param on vcenter premigrator
(cherry picked from commit 68f525fcb8e5ed85165db1eea29f25493ccc87fe)

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