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12:20 AM OpenNebula Request #1144 (Closed): Hook Support for UNKNOWN State
OpenNebula does not support hooks for the UNKNOWN state. Therefore, the following hook, which is nice to have, would ...
12:15 AM OpenNebula Backlog #1143 (Closed): Improved ONE CLI Range Commands
Currently, the "onevm" CLI tool's range behavior is less than idea for handling spare ID numbers.
When e...


12:07 AM OpenNebula Feature #1026: Deleted VM Cleanup
This solution won't work either. When the OpenNebula server is re-started, old folders are re-created. Not ALL folder...


11:33 PM OpenNebula Feature #1026: Deleted VM Cleanup
Thank you very much Carlos! The solution you've given will be sufficient for what is needed in my OpenNebula deployme...


03:27 AM OpenNebula Feature #814: Copy-On-Write Support
I'm attaching updated diffs for the two tm_clone files.
These scripts are known to work in basing a Copy-On-Write ...


05:02 PM OpenNebula Feature #1026 (Closed): Deleted VM Cleanup
Currently the "onevm delete [ID]" only deletes the deployed instance of a virtual machine, but leaves it's folder int...
04:57 PM OpenNebula Backlog #442: onevm delete * should delete all available virtual machines
I support this requested feature.


09:43 PM OpenNebula Bug #749: Sunstone in 3.0b1 doesn't start
It would seem based on multiple questions related to this error on the Users listserv that this issue has not been re...


02:03 AM OpenNebula Feature #990: Add compute type methods to OCCI API
Fantastic idea! This will allow for provisioning of resources through OCCI interfaces by software tools that automate...


02:45 AM OpenNebula Feature #814 (Closed): Copy-On-Write Support
Based on C12G Lab's "Using qcow Images" document, I've created patches for the files to take advantage of...

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