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04:43 PM OpenNebula Bug #5078 (Pending): vCenter monitorization should not send duplicated monitoring data
04:38 PM OpenNebula Revision 54d3ae56 (one): B #5078: vCenter monitorization should not send duplicated monitoring data


05:21 PM OpenNebula Revision aa639970 (one): F #4913: Merge branch 'master' into feature-4913


04:55 PM OpenNebula Request #4906 (Closed): VM live capacity resize
04:50 PM OpenNebula Feature #5067 (New): start script textarea in the VM - context tab in Sunstone should be base64 e...
By default it isn't. That should be reversed
04:49 PM OpenNebula Backlog #5066 (Pending): Display the possible bridges in a combo-box in Sunstone
The monitoring probes should store the list of available bridges in the Host template, and Sunstone should display th...
04:23 PM OpenNebula Feature #5065 (New): Make it easier to login with a group
The idea is to automate the following process in Sunstone, so it's simpler for the end-users to operated with a speci...


09:06 AM OpenNebula Revision 99f1c88d (one): F #4913: oneimage create now supports adapter_type and disk_type for


11:40 AM OpenNebula Revision b39768ec (one): F #4913: style
11:40 AM OpenNebula Revision ced4d274 (one): F #4913: Fix some install files

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