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05:24 PM OpenNebula Revision 7c7d2ba0 (one): Move user and group checks
04:45 PM OpenNebula Revision ac057990 (one): Move pool_control checks
04:25 PM OpenNebula Revision 5192b434 (one): Take out do_ prefix from functions
01:42 PM OpenNebula Revision ef356511 (one): Move marketplace/app checks to it's own file
10:36 AM OpenNebula Revision 7d3ae7ac (one): Move image checks to its own file


06:49 PM OpenNebula Feature #3454 (Closed): Create OpenNebula VMs inside a vCenter folder
10:49 AM OpenNebula Revision e1455192 (one): More fsck comments


06:11 PM OpenNebula Revision 11b63613 (one): Add usage comment to patch ip4_6_static.rb
06:04 PM OpenNebula Revision aaffd7b6 (one): Add comments to sections
To see them use:
grep -E '(DATA|FIX|TODO):' fsck.rb


11:34 AM OpenNebula Backlog #3871: UUID for disk attach
The target given to libvirt is a hint to the OS but it's not forced to use that specific naming. That problem is caus...

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