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02:57 PM OpenNebula Feature #3387 (Closed): Make OpenNebulaNetwork.conf settings overridable per network


01:24 PM OpenNebula Revision e164fde8 (one): F #3053: add explicit address to scsi drives
By default scsi drives increase the unit part of the address. This
causes problems in linux as the devices are not cr...
10:56 AM OpenNebula Revision 05511e5c (one): F #3053: add virtio-scsi controller when queues are specified
10:01 AM OpenNebula Revision 8e3706fe (one): F #3053: add virtio_scsi to defaults file
09:48 AM OpenNebula Revision 93f078d1 (one): F #3053: Add support for virtio-scsi controller


10:58 AM OpenNebula Revision 6b0814ef (one): F #4159: allow ipv6 135, 136 udp ports
Patch by Roy Keene <rkeene@knightpoint.com> from:


09:49 AM OpenNebula Revision 38cb96ed (one): F #4937: Change schema code to database backend
09:45 AM OpenNebula Revision 5be92e32 (one): F #4937: reorganize fsck code
This contains all these changes
* Use IMAGE_STATES array from OCA
* Including OpenNebula breaks fsck
* Extract check...
09:23 AM OpenNebula Revision d0019e04 (one): Change schema code to database backend
09:23 AM OpenNebula Revision 6e3db524 (one): Add fsck directory to install.sh

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