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10:03 AM OpenNebula Bug #3390: mm_sched stops scheduling new vms
i found one anomaly in the templates, it has defined network AND bridge too. that is a mistake, but i hope this shoul...


03:10 PM OpenNebula Feature #3418 (Closed): move "Send CtrlAltDel" from to be away from console maximize
Send CtrlAltDel is too near to maximize button and clicking on it means imediate reboot.
It would be more userfrie...


10:31 AM OpenNebula Bug #3390 (Closed): mm_sched stops scheduling new vms
in our production environment i recurently met problem with mm_sched,
which is runnning, but stops scheduling new vm...


01:36 PM OpenNebula Request #3121: reinstantiate vm as a command
I didn't think cloning the template ... just get the ID it was originaly started from, shutdown and delete the vm and...


04:38 PM OpenNebula Feature #3127 (Closed): lvm as system datastore
there is only ssh and shared type allowed for system datastore.
adding these drivers (just 3 files :) allows using...
04:27 PM OpenNebula Feature #3126 (Closed): search form reset button in sunstone admin view
in cloud view, it is possible to quickly reset search form with single click on [X]
this would be realy useful to ha...


06:08 PM OpenNebula Feature #2417: Move images between datastores
looks like interesting feature to migrate vms betwen different storages/datastores and to allow single gold os image ...
01:12 PM OpenNebula Request #3122 (Closed): tag vm from template
adding vm tags is possible only for running vms, but there is no direct way to preconfigure tags from vm template.
01:00 PM OpenNebula Request #3121 (Pending): reinstantiate vm as a command
there is possiblity to resubmit vm - which will recreate the vm, but from the template state that was at the moment o...
09:49 AM OpenNebula Feature #3021: allow only oneadmin to run onehost sync
Jaime Melis wrote:
> If anoither user runs it, like root for example, the permissions will cause problems
hit tha...

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