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08:56 AM OpenNebula Request #3397: Support external Identity Providers
Ruben S. Montero wrote:
> Hi
> A couple of questions,
> * We still need the user entry in the OpenNebula ...


03:23 PM OpenNebula Request #3397: Support external Identity Providers
I take up this thread for following the discussion we had with Javi Fontan during OpenNebulaConf. He suggested an ove...


02:08 PM OpenNebula Bug #1480 (Closed): Hot-plugging attachement not working if contextualisation disk present
the clone of the new disk to attach fails because it tries to overwrite the context disk.
To reproduce:
- Insta...


01:17 PM OpenNebula Bug #1473 (Closed): [VMWARE] driver resume/restore using wrong deployment file
When resuming a stopped VM, the restore function in /var/lib/one/remotes/vmm/vmware/vmware_driver.rb always use deplo...


01:45 PM OpenNebula Feature #1013: Hooks on Network objects action
Any news on this request?


02:04 PM OpenNebula Bug #1361 (Closed): mkfs_command error in scripts_common.sh
the mkfs_command does not take into account the FSTYPE.
In fact in the case switch there are quotes in the options w...


09:12 AM OpenNebula Revision aa63bd48 (one): Align x509 login page with jquery 1.7.2(cherry picked from commit 4bd196...


01:54 PM OpenNebula Feature #1013: Hooks on Network objects action
Could this feature be reconsider for next release. Basically a hook needed only at creation / deletion of a virtual n...


04:00 PM OpenNebula Feature #1177: Extra properties on VM deployed
Indeed, That is what I did but I am wondering if it is still "OCCI compatible" then...?


02:57 PM OpenNebula Feature #1014: VMWare driver using VMWare file system tools
I reviewed your solution and it seems to be the good compromise for VMWare host with no shared storage for the VM dis...

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