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10:35 AM OpenNebula Feature #5265: Enable KVM live migration on local storage
We have simply added "--live" in the parameters of the relevant remote:


04:13 PM OpenNebula Bug #4380: [security] users can read any file using image path
In NodeWeaver (that integrates OpenNebula) we have chosen the following approach:
- a dedicated /upload directory


11:52 AM OpenNebula Feature #4302 (Pending): Support to outsource Virtual Machines to OpenStack providers
As much as I love OpenNebula, I had to witness several major IT services standardizing on OpenStack to create their o...


11:10 AM OpenNebula Backlog #4078: Two Step Authentication
Totally second this. We are already looking into the Latch addon (


07:51 AM OpenNebula Bug #3891: non-free file "WebSocketMain.swf"
I commented on the general definition of "non-free", of course Debian has a more restrictive one (not that I complain...


09:06 AM OpenNebula Bug #3891: non-free file "WebSocketMain.swf"
It is not correct to say that it is non-free, as the source is released under the new BSD license. The Flex environme...


12:05 PM OpenNebula Bug #3769: on KVM node live migrate should not start if there are disks with attribute CACHE!=none
For kvm, if a clustered file system is used, all cache modes support live migration. For example, see here:


02:24 PM OpenNebula Backlog #3187: Persistent VM snapshots
We are currently looking into this for kvm+libvirt, in a fairly recent fashion (kvm 1.5.3 and libvirt 1.2.8). Can you...


04:38 PM OpenNebula Backlog #3400: Add custom buttons
I strongly second this. We already have to maintain a separate webapp for many actions on hosts (like IPMI actions) t...


03:03 PM OpenNebula Backlog #3219 (Pending): set/change ethernet link state
A nice feature in virtualbox/vmware is the capability to change the state of the Ethernet link (active, disconnected)...

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