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03:28 AM OpenNebula Bug #313 (Closed): econe-describe-instances fails during VM state "prol"
EC2QueryServer.rb doesn't map ONE state 'prol' to an EC2 state. So, at some point while a VM is coming up (when it g...


12:24 AM OpenNebula Bug #255 (Closed): transfer managers assume PATH setting
The TMs assume that 'mkfs' is on the path -- that's not the case with a default setup of (at least) Centos 5.4. It ...


11:51 PM OpenNebula Bug #241 (Closed): econe-server errors are not properly formatted AWS-style XML
Apparently econe-server is returning response-bodies that just contain a string when something goes wrong, rather tha...


03:02 AM OpenNebula Feature #157: Standalone gem packages
Gem packaging may imply changes in the way the CLIs find their libraries. The ONE_LOCATION env variable does not rea...

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