Backlog #3249

Updated by Ruben S. Montero over 6 years ago

We have re-defined this issue as scheduling classes. The scheduler will be able to include specific policies for a VM class:

VM_CLASS = "production"

VMs can be tagged with a class (by adding it to the template) and it will get the scheduling attributes for the class. For example, a given VM class would be set to use a specific system ds.

Original Request:
In opennebula 3.8 or later version´╝î one cluster has only one system datastore. we specify system datastore number in the cluster template by SYSTEM_DS="id". What's more, system datastore has a TM_MAD attribute that specifies the transfer driver type - ssh or shared. Based on the above description, One cluster can either deploy local virtual machine or share storage virtual machine.If we want to improve the utilization of host, we can deploy local vm and shared vm in the same cluster, even in the same host!