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Added by Hector Sanjuan about 9 years ago

Sunstone small fixes and corrections:

This commit performs several small changes all around Sunstone:

  • Unify list bullets
  • Increase menu indentation to fit better with new menu icons (ozones and selfservice too)
  • Reduce tab headers width and include icon (took too much space on small screens)
  • Fix action drop down list gradient to work with opera and other browsers (or fallback to a color)
  • Do not attempt to plot empty series, instead inform that no monitoring is available: cover the case when no resources exist.
  • Remove unused, commented code
  • Fix individual host and VM monitoring information divs width, so no scrollbar appears.
  • Update documentation links to point to latest available documentation
  • Fix hotplugging tab width
    (cherry picked from commit cb4afbc091d124fa330351eb87b3ca1e1e851acc)


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