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07:12 PM OpenNebula Bug #2331 (Closed): Missing Gems on standalone Sunstone package installation on Ubuntu 12.04
Installing latest opennebula-sunstone from the OpenNebula Ubuntu 12.04 repository also installs ruby-opennebula and o...


04:45 PM OpenNebula Feature #1818: Support for IP reservations
Carlos Martín wrote:
> If you need to separate which IPs can be used by each user, this can be done creating a dif...


05:35 PM OpenNebula Feature #1818: Support for IP reservations
Initially the idea was to have the IP addresses reserved for usage by a given user. Much like the EC2 Elastic IP, the...


01:44 PM OpenNebula Feature #1818: Support for IP reservations
Ruben S. Montero wrote:
> # accessing the request, I am not sure how to make this happening without a deep change on...


01:24 PM OpenNebula Feature #2251 (Closed): Allow to specify on which interface oned is listening
Currently oned always listen on all available interface ( In some case it is interesting to be able to ...


03:58 PM OpenNebula Backlog #2250 (Closed): Add OpenNebula to Coverity Scan
Coverity Scan offers free security scanning to Open Source C++ projects. Please consider adding OpenNebula.
06:14 AM OpenNebula Backlog #2024: Set the engine for mysql
Or simply document that OpenNebula creates the database using the default MySQL engine. You can set default-storage-e...


06:20 PM OpenNebula Feature #1734: Add hook trigger for object update
I'm posting this here even though this feature is closed, as there seems to be several features / bugs related to thi...
03:08 PM OpenNebula Bug #2080: Documentation: Add a note about Symmetric Key (server_cipher) security
Also I have found that the middle attribute (the username to impersonate) in the token doesn't seems to be enforced. ...
02:57 PM OpenNebula Bug #2153 (Closed): Comments in VM Template
The documentation here indications that comments can be preceded by # signs.

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