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03:24 PM OpenNebula Bug #445: Problem with
> Notice the difference between the 2nd and the 4th lines in both logs.
Correction: Notice the difference between th...
03:23 PM OpenNebula Bug #445 (Closed): Problem with
I found a bug when using tm_nfs. When I set the "VM_DIR" variable the VM's fail to start.
I tracked down the bug to ...


07:49 PM OpenNebula Bug #444: Sync is not working
This issue has been fixed in the last package. You can close it!
07:12 PM OpenNebula Bug #444: Sync is not working
Nuno Cardoso wrote:
> Also, SCRIPTS_REMOTE_DIR value isn't used on the first sync.
I've tracked down this problem...
06:36 PM OpenNebula Bug #444 (Closed): Sync is not working
onehost's sync command isn't working nor auto sync when new remotes are added.
Also, SCRIPTS_REMOTE_DIR value isn't ...
03:31 AM OpenNebula Backlog #442: onevm delete * should delete all available virtual machines
I've had the same problem... I've came up with this solution:...


05:35 PM OpenNebula Bug #420 (Closed): Problems due to libvirt instability
When libvirtd crashes(frequent event) while deleting several VM's, they are deleted from ONe but they keep running on...


03:02 PM OpenNebula Bug #320 (Closed): VM stays in boot state when the hypervisor doesn't start properly
When a VM is started and for some reason the hypervisor exits with an error, OpenNebula keeps it in boot state.
Two ...

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